Tips For Home Daycare

Arrival – Every child experiences separation anxiety especially on their first day in daycare. Others experience this everyday during the first few minutes of their arrival. It is hard for the child to let go of his parents so they often times feel guilty to leave and they just stay inside the classroom looking after their crying child. With this situation, the proper and simplest way to do is to give your child assurance by hugging and kissing him and then leave. Do not feel guilty if your child gives you that abandonment look. Remember that when he turns okay when you leave, it does not mean that he does not think about you anymore. You will be surprised that once you are already outside the classroom, he may whimper a while and then joins the class as if nothing happens. Just bear in mind that he is really fine once he gets used to the daycare environment. So it is suggested that you leave right away after dropping him off.

Beddings – It is important that your child has his blanket during naptime. Mostly, daycares will only provide sheets for the mats but not blankets. It was observed that children with blankets sleep well unlike those without blankets Glasreinigung Göttingen. This is because they feel comfortable which remind them of their home. Remember to wash the blankets regularly. Most children do not sleep with pillows. If it is not needed by your child, avoid these. But if you need to bring one, choose the small pillow which is enough to fit in the child’s backpack.

Clothing – When I was teaching in a daycare, I experienced working with children of different ages. I would always need some clean clothes for the messed up children because of some unforeseen events. A complete set of extra clothes is necessary for every child. Centers have enough cubbies for these clothes. Extra pants are necessary especially if the child is not yet potty trained. I could still remember my experience in putting children in their pull-ups but they have no pants on because parents failed to pack extra clothes and unfortunately, we have no extras available at that time. Therefore, make it a point to always put extra clothes, shoes, and socks available for the child at daycare. Ask your daycare if they are receiving donations of some grown out clothes. For sure your child have a lot of these and these will be a great help for other kids in case of unforeseen events.

Formula, Diaper, Wipes – Check on a regular basis if your child still has these important items (formula, diaper, wipes). If the child is not yet potty trained, always see to it that he has enough supplies because borrowing diapers from others and replacing it is burdensome not just for you and but most especially to the parent whom your borrowed the supply. This is irritating to them especially if you happen to borrow everyday. The same is true for the formula and wipes.

Meals – Most of the centers provide meals to your child. Some would require packed meals during summer or every Friday. Unless your daycare requires the child to bring his own snack, eating snack would interrupt the meal time your child used to follow. During days that lunchboxes are required, healthy meals are encouraged. Children sometimes become upset in comparing their lunch or snacks. Do you know that food prepared from home are sometimes dangerous? Other child may not have an allergy with the food prepared for him, but the one whom he shares his lunch might be allergic with the food. Food is served anytime in school so this will make an impression to them that if it is away from home, they can have their meals anytime.

Toys – Bringing toys to daycare excite the children and it can also cause nuisance. Do not let your child bring toys in the class unless it is required or a stuffed toy that is used during nap time. Toys must be kept at home. Tell your child that his toys might be misplaced in daycare and he will just get upset. If you still send toys in school remember that it is not the responsibility of the teacher to keep track on these and he is not accountable in case these are lost.

Health Issues – Make sure that the daycare is aware of the health background of your child even if it is a minor one. Do not just leave the medications in backpacks, lunchboxes, or cubbies. But rather give it to the teacher when you bring the medicine to the center for them to easily dispense when needed and they can also place it in an appropriate storage. If the daycare will not provide sunscreens, you may bring one especially during summer. Do not forget to put the name of your child on the bottle for proper identification. Specify in the medication form of your child the right amount of sunscreen for him.

Illness – It is a golden rule that when your child looks sick, keep him at home. It is heartbreaking to see sick child going to daycare. The teachers understand your need to work and you cannot take him to your office. If possible, ask someone like a relative or a friend to watch over him while you are away. It is not comfortable for the child to be in daycare and other children (and the teachers as well) might get sick. He can just have his sleep and rest at home for him to get well immediately. Also, make sure that you have given to the center your phone number in case of emergency.

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