Cooperation – Not Competition! Four Steps to Creating a Blog Site to Sell Your Own Stuff

Most of us who have joined a home business will sooner or later try to find a way to market their own stuff by creating a blog site. While, no doubt, the world is a competitive place, my mission is to try to bring people together to become more cooperative.

I am not at all an advocate of competition In fact, studies conducted in the 1960’s with primates revealed that a common goal is more effectively achieved with cooperation rather than competition.

Having said that, I’d like to introduce a new way of marketing – through the internet.
Why create a blog site for online marketing?

Starting your own business online by creating a blog site is almost mandatory these days to keep up with the competition. (Please excuse the irony, LOL). I know, I don’t like competition either. But you can’t deny it’s out there.

The fact is, while the 3-foot rule may have been effective a few decades ago, these days people tend to have that “BS filter” where they just shut off and don’t listen to you because they realize they’re being pitched.

Yet that same guy you were talking to earlier today is likely to go home that same day and Google the same product and become enticed into buying on the spot – simply because now he knows that HE was the one looking – HE was the one searching for this product – so therefore he’s already psychologically pumped up to buy!

When you have your own blog, you can simply highlight any portion of the content on your blog and lead to a capture page. That’s the page that you want your prospective buyer (your lead) to land on where they will need to enter in their email address. And why would they do that? Because, if you’ve created your blog content correctly, you’ve established an emotional connection with this person- and, of course, you’ll be promising something on that capture page.

And that leads to the third component of creating your own blog site to sell your stuff online…

Once people enter in their email address, they’re automatically led to a sales video. (This is also called the “landing page”.) You can create this yourself unless the company you’re affiliated with provides sales videos. The video should be both entertaining and informative, making sure that the promise pasted all over the capture page is fulfilled.

And the last but not least portion of the online marketing system is your auto-responding system…

I say “not least” because the average person needs to be approached seven times before making that final decision to buy. Since most of us are not likely to be calling our leads up to seven times each, it’s the email auto-responder will do the work for you.

The good news is that the auto response system will also have the capability of creating your capture page for you. Just use the chat line that operates around the clock to get your questions answered as you go along.

These four elements, the blog, the capture page, the landing page, and your auto-responder, when played right, can create your online marketing system on autopilot.

Not everyone is a natural writer. Perhaps the gift of prose is not in your basket of talents; or you simply don’t have the time or the patience to keep up with a blog for your business. But these days, if you want to build a successful brand, creating valuable content has to be an important part of your marketing strategy.

If you ask many business owners, they feel the same way that you do: blogging is a necessary evil. Content marketing has proven to be a valuable part of any business’ marketing plan for many years and it will continue to be because today’s consumers are taking in a high volume of content online. That includes blog posts.

So, knowing that you need to maintain a well-written blog for your business, but still hating the whole blogging process, what do you do?

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