How to Prepare Your Home for a Stair Lift Installation

For many people, having a stair lift installed in their home is the chance to regain or retain their freedom, even though their mobility may be reduced because of age, illness or an injury. Whether the reduced mobility is permanent or temporary, having one of these devices in the home can make a significant difference, with many people able to fully enjoy their property thanks to them.

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There are many different types of stair lift, ranging from curved lifts to straight ones, and the latter can also be placed on a curved stairwell for a more economical option compared to a more costly curved device Schulreinigung Hardegsen. Both of these types of items will need to be installed professionally for best results and so that the equipment can be used safely and effectively.

Usually, stair lift installation is organised by the company that has sold the lift to the customer, and professional engineers and technicians will ensure that the device is put into place as rapidly and as safely as possible. For curved stair equipment this can take longer due to the customised shape of the device, whereas straight lifts tend to be a much simpler affair.

Regardless of the device that you have chosen, preparing for the equipment to be installed is very important. This includes making some preparations in your home for your own comfort and ease of use as well as making sure the space is ready for technicians to work in.

You will need first of all to get a plan of how the stair lift installation is going to be carried out in order for you to prepare your stairwell and your home. Usually, the technician or engineer that will be doing the work will explain thoroughly and carefully what is going to happen so that you can carry out any preliminary tasks.

The basic tasks that will generally need to be undertaken include clearing the way for the lift to be installed. This also includes clearing the passages so that the technician can carry all his or her equipment through the property to the stairwell to carry out the installation.

Many people are concerned that they will need to lift up their stair carpet for stair lift installation to take place, but this is generally not the case. Only in very exceptional circumstances will this be required, although it is worth asking your technician in advance just in case.

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