How Much Money Do Carpenters Make?

If you want to know how much money do carpenters make all I can say is it depends if your employed or self employed. If your self employed the sky’s the limit you could make a very good living for arguments sake $2,000 a week would be well within your reach. But there are things you should think about before becoming a self employed carpenter. You have to think about renting or buying a unit to work in which is going to cost you monthly rent or cash upfront then you have employees to organise and pay for which can be a real head ache.

So there is up and down sides to becoming a self employed carpenter. But how much money do carpenters make when employed. Again this depends on how experienced you are. I’ve been employed and self employed as a carpenter and I must say there is ups and downs on both sides. When I was employed as an experienced carpenter I was making about $500.00 a week. When I was self employed I made around $1,500.00 a week after all the over heads.

Hard-Working Americans: The Carpenter

So why would you want to know the question to how much money do carpenters make? It maybe that you are Southern Highlands Carpenter thinking about becoming a carpenter. But before you make your decision let me tell you my experience with carpentry. Like I said I was a carpenter for some years after I left school 5 years in total and even though I was making money I was only making ends meet and didn’t really have a life after I paid my bills.

How much money do carpenters make? Not enough is my answer. So I started looking for other ways to make money. I started to look online as I liked the idea of working at home not having to get up and go to work at 6am in the wet and cold. I liked the idea of getting paid 24/7 and getting paid in my sleep. I’m not going to say it was an easy ride I lost a lot of money trying to find the perfect online business and got scammed time and time again.

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