Multi-Level Marketing is Dead – How the Reverse Funnel System Started a Revolution

There’s problem not a person alive who isn’t familiar with multi-level marketing. We gurus know it by MLM or by its formal title. The general public calls it “pyramid scams.” Unfortunately, a few rotten apples have given the entire industry a negative connotation to tote around like heavy sack of potatoes. Maybe, it’s rightly so legal steroids provider.

Does MLM work in the internet age? Sure it does. Many people are making money from Multi-Level Marketing. Sadly, this antiquated system is only producing a fraction of what this old-fashioned business model could be making if it only had an upgrade.
The Reverse Funnel System, created by Ty Coughlin and his Inner Circle have taken the proven formulas of MLM and updated them. They have merged them with the customer pre-qualifying strategies of direct marketing and created a business model behemoth. Gone are the days of making a few dollars per recruit. New marketers and their partners are pocketing thousands of dollars a month from this system – which can only be described as MLM and Direct Marketing on steroids (legal steroids).

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The average person looking to start their own business hates the idea of the old model of MLM. They’re afraid to make sales calls and go out searching for prospects. Many fear that they will take years to learn the skills to start their own business and learn how to market their products. These deterrents ad to the negative stigma of the old network marketing and MLM systems of yesteryear.

‘Multi-level Marketing is still a solid business model, don’t get me wrong. It works. Many an empire has been built with MLM strategies – slowly. And no one can doubt the effectiveness of direct marketing. There is no better customer than a pre-qualified customer. You waste less time closing that sale. And it’s almost guaranteed money for even a mediocre sales person. The trouble is constantly finding leads to pre-quality and the time it takes to close the sale.

Ty Coughlin started out picking up scraps at a construction site. When he wanted to start his own business, he was still picking up scraps. He felt he had too much unused potential. So, he did what the rest of America does when they want to get a business started. He spent tons of money on books and “Success Seminars.” He made a little money here and there from the things he tried. After being burned by ever Multi-level marketing program available, he began to study why he continued to fail.

Ty was searching for the same thing that everyone else who is burnt out by their days jobs is searching for – a system to plug themselves into and immediately generate income. Everyone claimed to have that very system. No one did.

Ty and the Inner Circle had a few goals when they started developing this system. They wanted to weed out prospects that would never become customers, build up a pipeline of prospects, create a rock solid platform, and develop a program that would allow interested partners to join and be able to plug themselves into and follow step-by-step.

The Reverse Funnel system has taken the effort out of pre-qualifying customers and building up a database of leads. That’s the beauty of upgrading the old business models to work for the internet age. Everything can be automated, faster, and reach millions more at a time. The Reverse Funnel System uses the technology to expedite the pre-qualifying process and to weed through the prospects that will never become customers. Why this format is far superior to MLM and direct marketing is because it uses the internet to also close the sale.

Bare bones, the Reverse Funnel System focus on the two things that every business needs to survive – new customers and repeat business. The system is a lead generation and traffic system where each income stream product offered through the system solves an aggravating problem or burning desire to someone else.

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