10 Things to Do and 10 Places to Go to For Healthy Living in Nassau – Suffolk, New York

Nassau and Suffolk counties are found at the eastern and central portions of Long Island. Despite comprising this portion, it is still referred to by folks as Long Island. These two counties are largely different from each other in terms of modernization where Nassau is highly urbanized while Suffolk is rural. However, both offer a lot of recreational and outdoor places to start a healthy way of life.

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1. Christopher Morley Park. This 98-acre park boasts of the beautiful sceneries seen around the area. It has a variety of health options which could give you a dramatic change on your perception about living. Athletic activities are overflowing with swimming, basketball and baseball forming part of the basics rhubarb candle.

2. Whitney Pond Park. Another park strategically located in Nassau, this one stands on a 24-acre ground. Walking trails are good exercising alternatives while you may also get to plunge in their swimming pools. Sweat out those fats with the basketball and tennis courts in the area.

3. Eisenhower Park. This is a park which could make you come up with picnic opportunities. Other than this relevant happening in your weekend trips, the 930-acre lot of the Eisenhower Park gives you sporting fun. Athletic fields are seen around which will definitely give you a taste of some if not all of the activities you want done.

4. Battle Row Campground. Camping is considered as one of the healthy things you can do. While in the Nassau-Suffolk area, you would come across of this 44-acre camping ground. Whether you are with family or friends, finding a place to put up your tent is considered a revitalizing activity in itself.

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