Singapore – A Unique Place to Shop

For the true shopaholic, the trip of a lifetime, a dream come true vacation, would be a visit to the best shopping experience offered in the world today, Singapore. This island city is one of only three existing sovereign city-states in the world today, but that is not what sets this city apart in most people’s minds. It is the fact that the entire city-country is compared to a giant Singapore shopping mall 레플리카.

This country was once a sleepy fishing village. When the British gained control there they established a trading post on the island that became one of the most impressive commercial trading centers in the British Empire. For a short time, the Japanese gained control of the island and then later, in 1965, the little island was able to obtain its independence and has become its own tiny nation. They have grown and prospered since then and while it is ranked in the top ten most expensive places to live in the world today, the standard of living for the citizens there has continued to rise. They have continued to be a powerful trading center wear the badge of having the “most business friendly” economy in the world today, as well as the title of Singapore shopping centre to their travel brochures.

Because of the wide variety of things that can be experienced in this tiny country, it has become a hot-spot for the most glamours and sophisticated travelers of the world and without a doubt is the place to be for those who love to shop. One of the most famous places to visit for the shopper is a place called “Orchard Road.” Try to imagine if you can a street holding shops of every kind, restaurants of every kind, hotels, street vendors, a variety of spas, entertainment centers, and of course, people, all lit up with oriental lights and colors. The very air is charged with the sights, sounds and smells that can only truly be appreciated by those who have experienced it. There are performances continually demonstrated in the street to add to the atmosphere as well. Shoppers, bargain hunters and the occasional people watchers throng the street by the thousands.

Those who visit from around the world can find a little bit of home there as well because the market is a representation of companies world-wide, but the overall experience cannot be had at home. For the true shopper at heart, no other place in the world is quite as unique.

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