Singapore Offers A Whole Lot More Than Just Shopping

Singapore has been transformed into a bustling city metropolis of concrete and glass from being a regular stopover for Asian sea pirates and its notorious opium dens. Singapore of the present seems like a strict business town yet beneath the surface is a multitude of cultures ranging from Chinese, Malay and Indian to the British who were the country’s former colonial masters. The amazing diversity of this city has been further enhanced by the fusion of different nationalities that came to Singapore for business from all over the world. The city offers cuisine from around the globe and the cosmopolitan influence can be found almost every where; from fashion to music 레플리카.

For most travelers and for those who have not even visited the country Singapore is synonymous with shopping. Many tourists who visit the country invariably leave with at least two or three extra bags. There are different shopping districts in Singapore each one offering a novel experience. Orchard Road is home to a number of glitzy shopping malls and up market outlets. Marina Bay also has a few modern malls and some fabulous restaurants and some old British style bars and pubs. Chinatown as the name implies is the Chinese district of the city it is joined similar ethnically themed areas such as Arab Street and Little India each one having its own cultural identity and featuring wares from different parts of the world.

Sentosa Island is also a well known tourist attraction that has a wide array of mind blowing tourist attractions. The Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom are the largest of their kind in the world. The Underwater world and the Dolphin Lagoon are interesting marine exhibits that showcase where a variety of marine life can be observed at Dolphin Lagoon a tourist may swim with the Pink Dolphins and watch Humpback Dolphins up and close. There are also a number of popular beaches such as Siloso beach.

A holiday in Singapore will also be intellectually stimulating as its legacy of being home to a plethora of cultures enables it to host a variety of cultural events. The colonial heritage and it’s history as an ancient port city is aptly showcased in the numerous museums all over the city. Also a number of war memorials and Second World War artifacts can be found, Singapore was a hotly contested territory and vicious battles were fought between the Allies and the Japanese. Also an Art Gallery, a calligraphy museum and various musical performances will no doubt keep cultural tourists happy.

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