Are You Using Third Party Invitation and Third Party Credibility to Grow Your Business?

This not only keeps me current but gives me fresh ideas daily to help market my business. Reading books by key leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Jeffery Combs, Mary Christensen, John Maxwell and Don Falia not only provide valuable insight but also daily motivation.

I recently read Don Falia’s book called The 45 Second Presentations That Will Change Your Life. It is amazing the tips you can get out of such a great little book. You get such a different perspective and a whole new way of presenting you business opportunity. This ufabet มือถือ book is strictly about the MLM business and gives very useful information. I highly recommend this book for everyone who is in this industry. The reason I mention this book in particular today is because one of his points is Third Party Invitation (chapter VII) and Third Party Credibility.

One has to remember,”Everyone loves to BUY but No One likes to be SOLD to.” Using the Third Party Invitation technique takes the pressure off the individual you talking to when you ask the question “Do you know anybody who’d like to earn some extra income?” This allows the individual to ask “What is it?” if they are interested. They have now Asked You for more information. You are now being the messenger not the sales person.

Along the same lines is the use of Third Party Credibility. Do not underestimate the power of this Network Marketing skill. “Facts Tell, Stories Sell!” You may have all of the detailed, scientific knowledge of your product and services, but this will only tell your prospect how smart you are and they may feel there is no way can they do this business because they’ll never learn all of that information. Or it’s too convoluted for them. (It’s not about you, or about what you know).

Most of the top income earners in our industry use stories about real people who use the product and make income in order to “connect “with the prospects on some level. People need to relate. They need to be able to see themselves using the product or making the money. Ie: “If John can it, why I can do it too”. Just watch the TV ads or magazine ads. Top companies use real people and real stories to sell their products and services.

The most important point in this article that needs to be understood:”It’s not about you, it’s about them” People you bring into this industry, your business, need to be able to feel they can duplicate what you do. Third Party Credibility is the message you are communicating to those you sponsor. If you are not having 3-Way calls with your sponsor or someone within your team, whether, upline, downline or crossline you business will not grow nearly as fast as it could, using this technique.

There are some that say 3 way calls only edify your sponsor. This is so wrong. The sponsor or third party edifies YOU and lets the person know they are not alone and will have help. This is so crucial to growing your organization. You bring the people and the influence and they bring the credibility.

Here a good point many of you can relate to. How many of you have a friend or family member that won’t even give you the time of day? It frustrates you because you have all of the knowledge and back ground of your product or service and YOU KNOW it will improve their life? You know you are an expert. 6 months later you’re visiting and they have bought a competitors brand?

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