Born A Different Sex Through Reincarnation Is Confusing

Many have, like me, been born into a different sex through reincarnation. I was a man in my last life and was floating above my body when suddenly in darkness and with the Great Spirit of the Universe. I felt a part of that world and did not want to come back but there was a job waiting for me and a vision showed that it would start at 45 years of age. Next I was floating above my new parents are they were married and my return to life was one month later.

This is not fanciful or made up because it happened and there is evidence to prove it. First the other language that came with me was a handicap as it could not be understood by anyone literotica. This kept my memory and connection to the Spirit pure. It is through parents and others telling kids that they can’t remember previous lives that have buried reincarnation as a fact.

Next there is the memory of things that happened from day one of this new life. One of these involved an apartment my parents lived in for a time. It was never discussed and when my mother walked me by the building when I was just four years old my reaction startled her.

Blurting out that we used to live there was like hitting her with a brick. The look on her face showed her shock. She then told me there was no way I could know that as I was only 3 weeks old when we moved. Nonetheless I described the inside perfectly and pointed out the room where my cot was placed.

Many other things also happened but the strangest was getting used to being in a girl’s body and not having the strength of the man I had previously been. This is obviously what so many face who cannot come to grips with their bodies and it is an explanation of why some opt for a complete body change.

My experience was one of forcing myself to get over this discomfort. It never really made a perfect female out of me, however, as my super confidence and above-average intelligence kept people wondering.

The confusion that people face that have no memory of reincarnation but are struggling with the strangeness of their sex change is now playing out. The number of homosexuals in all societies and the pain they endure because of discrimination and unlawful bashing, and so forth, tells the story.

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