Foot Fungus Eliminated

Approximately 40 million Americans suffer from different level of foot fungus and worry about their nail health. Fingernail fungus occurs when yeasts, fungi or molds dig under the nail, causing the nail to yellow, bad smell and crack and look discolored. Usually fingernail fungus is much easier to remove than toenail fungus, because unlike fingernails usually stay in well-lighted and dry places, foot fungus in dark and moist shoe. It is true that a person can find a lots of ways and the right treatment is really difficult to find. Ugly toenail fungus let people feel embarrassing to show their feet and cracking in summer and can be irritating about this health problem.

Both fingernail and toenails fungus can be treated at home. Do it as soon as possible when you find fungus appears. When you get attention of fungus, usually with yellow or white discoloration in the nail, soak your feet or hand in a white vinegar and warm water Fungus clear reviews for about 20 minutes. usually one part or vinegar and two parts of water. Because vinegar is said can help correct the PH imbalance in the nail and water with hydrogen peroxide can kill fungi and other bacteria. Also you can use apple cider vinegar replace the white vinegar. This vinegar and peroxide remedy has one thing need pay attention: it may deep irritating to you hand and toe skin. so be careful use a small amount on your nails before soaking nail into solution. Stop it right away if you fee skin become irritated.

Tea tree oil is another way you can try. Rubbing 1 or 2 drops of oil under foot affected fungus nails three times daily. this will help clear the infection and stimulate new growth. however, if you nails still same old one around two weeks. you need be treated with prescription ointments from a doctor. The longer you wait, the harder it is to cure the fungus. Doctor may prescribe an oral medication or other spray application directly to the nails. The worst things is that doctor may ask to remove the entire nail just allow fresh growth

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