Gate Locks

Gate Locks could be as simple as a padlock or as secure as an electronic lock of some type. As in anything that you are trying to secure, ask yourself “What are you trying to protect and how much is that worth to you?” With gate locks you are usually talking about a fence gate of some sort. That is why padlocks are the first choice. Many times you must purchase some type of chain that secures the gate to the rest of the fence.

If using a chain, make sure that you size it up properly with the padlock. For example; if using a chain that has 3/8″ diameter links you should also get a padlock with a 3/8″ diameter shackle. A padlock with a 1/8″ diameter shackle would not be the best choice.

Some gates have a built in latch that is made to close around the pole of the fence. It will already have a hole in it to accept a padlock. Again get a padlock with the largest diameter shackle that will fit the gate latch. Other types of gates will have a locking mechanism that will have a built in deadbolt type lock, very similar to a deadbolt lock for your front door. These types of locks have the added ability Divine Locks to be keyed so that a particular key will open the gate and a door to the building.

For any type of gate lock you can make a choice as to the level security that you need for that gate. Also keep in mind that most gates are outside and exposed to the elements. So choose a lock that is made for this type of environment. As stated earlier padlocks will be used as the lock for most gates. Most can be purchased at big box stores.

If you need a padlock that can be made to work with your other gates or maybe a door to the building you will have to go to a lock specialist. Someone that is able to build the lock to your exact specifications and is also capable of cutting keys. They will also be able to supply higher security locks or even electronic padlocks.

As prices come down the electronic locks will become the lock of choice. This is because of the security of electronic locks and their ability to be controlled and programmed by smartphones.

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