Gym Equipment Names You Should Not Ignore

Gym equipment can be classified in many ways. One way of classifying gym equipment is based on whether it is used to perform a specific type of exercise or activity. For instance, there are all sorts of exercise equipment designed for specific uses like strength training, weight lifting, cardio, flexibility etc. Equipment that is used for one specific purpose is called a single machine, whereas a multi-purpose piece of equipment is a combination of machines that are used for different exercises or activities.

Gym Equipment Names With Pictures - Garage Gym Pro

Most common gym equipment includes free weights, dumbbells, barbells and rows and a variety of exercise benches. Another common type of gym equipment is a rowing machine mua xa don treo tuong. Rowing machines are considered to be one of the best pieces of exercise equipment for the body because of their effectiveness and durability. Rowing machines give an excellent workout not only for the large muscle groups of the legs, arms and torso but also for the smaller stabilizer muscles of the lower back and abdomen. This is because these muscles are engaged during rowing.

One of the most famous gym equipment names is the treadmill. Treadmills come in all shapes and sizes and are used for running, walking, jogging, hiking and more. Some treadmills have features that allow them to be folded so that they can easily be stored in small spaces, whereas some models are so large that people who buy them have to leave the house to use them. There are even portable models of treadmills that are bought by people who do not live near any gym.

Another very popular gym equipment name is the weight bench. Weight benches are used for various exercises including the pull-ups, chin ups and bench press. The weights are usually placed on rails or racks on the side of the weight bench or between the feet of the bench. Price starts at around $100. Most people prefer buying dumbbells instead of barbells for this very reason.

A third gym equipment name is the vertical bicycle trainer. A vertical bicycle trainer is a stationary bike that has a handle bar and a seat so that the user can do a cardio workout on an indoor bike that mimics riding a real bike. Price starts at around $500. More advanced models have different resistance levels and programs so that people can vary the intensity.

The last but not the least gym equipment name is the adjustable bench. An adjustable bench allows you to adjust the height so that your chest, shoulders and legs are at the right level. As you grow taller the need to adjust the bench accordingly will become important. Price starts at around $100. Most gym machines are adjustable but not all of them are, so make sure that you read the instructions carefully.

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