How to Reduce Flabby Tummy Fat

Continuous deposit of visceral fat in the waist over a long period of time results in belly fat. This may be due to the factors like aging, heredity, consumption of fat items like cheese, ghee, oil and other fatty foods. This will cause several health problems like heart attack, stroke and many more diseases. Recent studies have found that fat diet consumption can also be a factor in influencing cancer.


Many people don’t do exercises daily and the fact is that many of us have not realized the importance of doing regular exercises. Walking is one of the simple exercises to reduce belly fat. We must cultivate the habit of walking everyday for a minimum of half an hour. This will keep us energetic, brisk and disease free even in 60’s. Half an hour of walking will reduce your belly fat to a great extent in just 4 to 8 weeks. Proper shoes should be used while walking to prevent knee pain. People over the age of 60 can do slow walking and if there are any signs of pain in the knees. Walking abruptly very fast or slow will not help to reduce the stomach fat.

It is better to avoid mp3 players, iPods etc while walking. Concentrate on walking and do not distract your thoughts Biotox gold  while walking. Doing more works simultaneously will not help you to reduce the stress. Spending the early morning in fresh air will help you to recover from many of these obesity problems. Running will be much more effective in reducing belly fat and this will increase your body stamina too. A perfectly fit man can run up to 6 km/day and there can’t be a word called belly fat in their dictionary.


In addition to the exercise, diet plays a major role in controlling stomach fat. But, exercises and diet goes hand in hand while reducing belly fat. We should completely avoid excess intake of carbohydrates and fats. Though both of them are delicious ingredients of daily food, avoiding these to some extent will control the deposition of more fat in the belly region. We may find it tough at the beginning but practicing this would help to minimize belly fat within few weeks. It is better to include fresh fruits in our diet. They are rich in vitamins and fiber content and moreover they will supplement all the nutrition requirement of our body and the fiber in it will flush the stomach.

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