Language of Benefits in Sales

These days customers are becoming more and more demanding and aware of their needs and therefore they require a different approach than in the past. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet, customers have a wide knowledge of both the product and the company. So how to react when customers already know almost everything about the product you offer? Is it possible to avoid acting like a “talking” label? What do you present to the clients to convince them that your product is the only one that can fully satisfy their needs?

Focus on emotions, create desire. Emotions are the doorway to making a buying decision. People usually base their buying decision on the emotions and then justify it with logic. Therefore, appeal to their emotions by applying the language of benefits. Features are the language of logic. Even people who claim they purchase logically do so because that’s what makes them feel better. Even the longest list of attributes will not help if you do not support them with benefits.

How do you learn to speak the language of benefits to the customer? Build your offer on the model “Feature – Benefit”. Using the language of benefits will enable you to link your audience with your product. This is because your clients care about only one thing: “What’s in it for me?”. As a starting point, learn to distinguish between four principal levels:

– Features are what your product or idea possesses or does. This feature is nothing more than information, product description provided by the manufacturer. For example, this car that you want to sell has a 220-horsepower V8 engine, antilock brakes, traction control, and both front- and side-impact airbags.

– Advantages describe intangibles that are associated with the product, not the person: the car is fast, safe and comfortable

– Benefits are what these features mean to your audience. It is a direct response to the customer need and encourages him to make a decision to buy. For instance: the car is equipped  Language of desire with four airbags, that guarantee that in the event of a collision you and your family are safe. In addition, the attractive price allows you allocate the saved money to a luxury holiday with your loved one. It’s grey color means that you will have less visits to a car wash, what saves you time and money.

– Motives/ Imagination: when presenting your service or product to the customer often refer to his subjective world, relate to his essential motives and desires. You can create images in his mind, so that he can experience how his life will change with this purchase. Use phrases like: “Just imagine… ” “Can you imagine… “

Your success in sales depends very much on what you are saying. Using arguments which are referring directly to the customer’s needs, will induce your customer to buy. Speaking the language of benefits and focusing on the strengths of the product, which are most important for your client, will increase your chances of closing a sales with a positive result.

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