Language and Culture

Jakobson states six functions of language i.e. the referential, poetic, emotive, conative, metalingual, and phatic function. He explains that context is known as referent and interprets this function in two ways i.e. it relates to the thing “spoken of” or is associated with an element whose truth value is being affirmed. The second application of referential function is more important in which a statement is made that could be either true or false. The nature of our everyday language is dialogic as each person’s contributions are orientated towards other speakers (Bakhtin, 1986). Therefore in the referential function of language, some information is conveyed to the interlocutor.

Halliday stated that language is “meaning potential”. “It is creature and creator of human society” (Halliday, 2002). He enunciates three functional levels of language i.e. ideational, interpersonal, and textual function. The first one is ideational wherein the speaker expresses his ideas and experiences. This function is all about the conceptualizing process in our mental activities. It helps us to understand what’s going all around us. It is also known as the experiential function. The second function i.e. interpersonal is employed when we establish and maintain social relationships. Language is primarily a social phenomenon, so apart from facilitating in communication it helps in projecting the speaker in the desired way. The third function, textual function fuses the interpersonal and ideational function-based language to create text.
From the above discussion, we learn that the language is never purposeless; it is always carrying a purpose or function in it. The sociologist Pierre Bourdieu (1930), however, gave a new  Language of desire direction to the language studies and argued that we must pay more attention to the social conditions which make certain language structures possible. While studying the dynamics of power via language he coined the terms, “cultural reproduction”, “habitus”, and “symbolic violence”. He states that language is not only a source of communication but also a tool to sustain the power structure. The structure of language is usually related to the social status of the speaker. The lingual habit ingrained in the members of society determines the preset action or reaction in a certain situation. Moreover, it decides who will speak, listen, Interrupt, enquire, or argue etc. language serves as one of the mechanisms used for the transmission of cultural values from one generation to the other. The “cultural reproduction” leads to the “social reproduction” i.e. whenever the existing cultural values are transferred to the new generation; the norms of society are handed down as well. The hidden agenda of the dominant class is transferred from generation to generation through language.
Socially people are trained to adopt particular linguistic habits and dispositions. These skills and dispositions are named “habitus” by Pierre Bourdieu. He states that people learn them through the process of imitation. Language practices are tamed in the very same way wherein the communication is not deliberately structured. Due to this attribute of language, it can be categorized as a form of “symbolic violence”. Through language, the norms and values of the dominant group are unconsciously imposed upon the subordinate group and without any physical violence. Slavoj Zizek (2008) also states that “symbolic violence is located in the signification of language itself. The ways we talk to one another sustain relations of domination”.
In short, the use of language for communication is not recent. When the linguists and sociologists realized its significance in terms of culture they analyzed it deeply and discovered that meanings are encoded into words. They identified that there is a certain function or purpose behind every utterance. There are always several choices for a speaker but he opts for one that suits his needs.

Language of Benefits in Sales

These days customers are becoming more and more demanding and aware of their needs and therefore they require a different approach than in the past. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the Internet, customers have a wide knowledge of both the product and the company. So how to react when customers already know almost everything about the product you offer? Is it possible to avoid acting like a “talking” label? What do you present to the clients to convince them that your product is the only one that can fully satisfy their needs?

Focus on emotions, create desire. Emotions are the doorway to making a buying decision. People usually base their buying decision on the emotions and then justify it with logic. Therefore, appeal to their emotions by applying the language of benefits. Features are the language of logic. Even people who claim they purchase logically do so because that’s what makes them feel better. Even the longest list of attributes will not help if you do not support them with benefits.

How do you learn to speak the language of benefits to the customer? Build your offer on the model “Feature – Benefit”. Using the language of benefits will enable you to link your audience with your product. This is because your clients care about only one thing: “What’s in it for me?”. As a starting point, learn to distinguish between four principal levels:

– Features are what your product or idea possesses or does. This feature is nothing more than information, product description provided by the manufacturer. For example, this car that you want to sell has a 220-horsepower V8 engine, antilock brakes, traction control, and both front- and side-impact airbags.

– Advantages describe intangibles that are associated with the product, not the person: the car is fast, safe and comfortable

– Benefits are what these features mean to your audience. It is a direct response to the customer need and encourages him to make a decision to buy. For instance: the car is equipped  Language of desire with four airbags, that guarantee that in the event of a collision you and your family are safe. In addition, the attractive price allows you allocate the saved money to a luxury holiday with your loved one. It’s grey color means that you will have less visits to a car wash, what saves you time and money.

– Motives/ Imagination: when presenting your service or product to the customer often refer to his subjective world, relate to his essential motives and desires. You can create images in his mind, so that he can experience how his life will change with this purchase. Use phrases like: “Just imagine… ” “Can you imagine… “

Your success in sales depends very much on what you are saying. Using arguments which are referring directly to the customer’s needs, will induce your customer to buy. Speaking the language of benefits and focusing on the strengths of the product, which are most important for your client, will increase your chances of closing a sales with a positive result.

Flat-Belly Foods to Fight the Belly Bulge

Besides being packed with disease-fighting, life-extending nutrients, these foods will also help keep your belly full, because they’re loaded with fiber and proteins. Find a way to work these super foods into your everyday diets and you will eliminate cravings for junk food and keep a flat belly all summer!

EGGS Get a Jumpstart each morning with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs. Protein-rich calories in eggs increases your metabolism, and a recent British study found an increase of protein-based calories in a diet to burn almost a 100 more calories per day.

AVOCADO This high-fat fruit only has healthy monounsaturated fats and recent studies have shown that a healthy-fat “Mediterranean diet” is more effective than a diet avoiding all fat.

GREEN TEA Forget all those expensive health drinks. Green Tea is one of the best drinks for your health. Powerful antioxidants known as “Catechins ” found in green tea, are known to increase Okinawa Flat belly tonic metabolism and cleanse your system.

GRAPEFRUIT A grapefruit in combination with a regular meal has proven to speed weight loss. A grapefruits acidity is known to slow digestion, and when food moves slower through your system you end up feeling full and satisfied longer. Also a great source of C-Vitamin!

ACAI BERRY Start off your morning with an Acai Berry Smoothie! This highly potent berry from the rainforests are the latest of super-foods and is packed with nutrients, anti-oxidants (twice the amount of blueberries). Acai boosts your metabolism and suppress cravings for snacks while detoxifying your body from excess waste and toxins.
Acai fights fat in many ways and is an excellent food supplement to fight the belly bulge.

Other flat-tummy foods worth mentioning are Yogurt, Black beans, Spinach, Tomatoes and whole-grain breads.

How to Get a Flat Belly – Bust the Stomach Fat

One of the first steps is to not be distracted while you are eating. You may not eat at your desk. You may not eat while watching TV. You are going to pay attention to what you are eating. Taste each bite and enjoy each bite. If you can’t do this, then you probably won’t be able to get a flat belly and keep it flat. 

Most Americans have eating problems. Just the other day I tempted myself into eating a slice of pizza. You know what, I was excited about eating it, but it didn’t make me happy. Because I’ve lost over 27 pounds over the last year and I don’t want to gain any of those pounds back. 

Eating the pizza might have been nice at first but by the time I finished that slice I realized that I didn’t really feel Okinawa Flat belly tonic happy about it because of all the sugar and fat and trans fat I just ate. It was like a setback in my journey to get abs. I just knew that this would at least make my belly fat little tiny bit more stubborn. 

So I didn’t really enjoy the pizza. It’s hard to eat something unhealthy like pizza and really slow down to taste each bite undistracted. 

So you should eat things that you feel good about eating. Get a flat belly by retraining yourself. 

You are not allowed to eat at your desk or watching TV or while otherwise distracted. This will probably help you eat better foods since you have to concentrate on it. Otherwise you will eat while you are distracted and eat too much and eat foods that you aren’t happy that you just ate.

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Texas Divorce – Residency Requirements

Each state in the U.S. has its own residency laws for individuals seeking divorce. In order to legally seek divorce within a state, you must meet the residency requirements. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to file for divorce in the state in which you were married. Most people file for divorce within the state and county in which they currently reside.

Ki Residences - Roy Lin

If you have recently moved from one state to another and are considering divorce, you may find yourself in a unique situation. Before pursuing divorce be sure that you know what the residency requirements are for your new state. This information will help determine how you proceed with your divorce Ki Residences.

Texas Residency Requirements

To qualify for divorce in the state of Texas, one spouse must have lived in Texas for the past six months. It is not necessary for both spouses to have residency status in order to file for divorce. In addition to the state residency requirement, at least one spouse must have resided in the county in which the divorce is filed for a minimum of 90 days. If you do not meet these requirements your divorce case will not be accepted by the court.

If You Do Not Qualify

If you have recently moved to Texas, you and your spouse may not yet meet the state’s residency qualifications for divorce. If this is the case, there are still a few divorce options for you to consider:

  • Look up the residency requirements for the state in which you and your spouse previously lived. Since each state has different laws, you may be able to seek divorce in a different state.
  • If you do not meet the residency requirements but your spouse does, consider asking your spouse to file for divorce.
  • Consider waiting until you have been a Texas resident for 6 months, then file for divorce. You can use the waiting period to begin preparing for the divorce proceeding.

If you do not qualify for divorce in Texas, you may want to contact a Texas divorce lawyer to fully clarify all of the options that are available to you. He or she can answer any questions you may have about filing a divorce in Texas and can advise you on what may be the most favorable divorce option, depending on your situation.

How to Choose an Effective Weight Loss Supplement

With more people becoming overweight and obese, the obesity epidemic is now a global phenomenon that is affecting thousands by the day.

Though many people want to lose weight, very little scientific progress has been made so as to help people remain fit for life. Of course, there are exercises, pills, and new diet plans and programs coming up every other day, but alas! Nothing has worked effectively yet!

Do you know why?

Well, it is mostly because to kick-start your body metabolism, in addition to exercising, you need to supplement your body with nutrients. And, when on diet, this is not usually possible. So what do you do? Well, the best solution is to opt for a weight loss supplement that will not only fulfill your body’s nutrient requirement, but will also boost up the metabolism.

To help you out, here is some information that will help you choose best supplement that will speed up fat loss and enable you to have a lean body.

What should you look for in your Fat Loss Supplement?

Your fat loss supplement should be:

  • A medically proven formula that will  Biofit help speed up weight loss without damaging your health
  • A blend of several active ingredients like vitamins, proteins and other essentials to make you slim without depriving your body of necessary nutrients
  • Have proteins in abundance to influence the fat cells present in the body positively for losing weight
  • Efficient enough to decrease the size of the fat cells that lead to rapid weight gain

Scientists from Switzerland have discovered the benefits of some vitamins and proteins that can literally help you reduce the size of the fat cells; this contributes to substantial fat loss without causing any side effects and results in significant weight loss through the use of healthy and natural ingredients.

Benefits of a Good Fat Loss Supplement

A fat loss supplement:

  • Is made from natural ingredients. It comprises proteins, vitamins and several other essential nutrients that help you achieve safe weight loss sans side effects.
  • Will help you add to your diet and weight loss exercises. It will help in further improving your body’s metabolism and thus enable you to get rid of the flab much faster.
  • Will help you in developing toned muscles and a firm core.
  • Will help in burning fat without requiring you to go on a crash diet.

A clinically tested and approved fat loss supplement made out of completely natural ingredients goes a long way in helping you lose weight in a healthy way. So, when trying to lose weight make sure that you choose your supplement carefully so that you can just enjoy the benefits without any side effects.

Weight Loss Supplements

There are many people who would love to have some pill that helps melt away extra pounds instead of all that dieting and exercise. As such there are no supplements that can work miracles. All these weight loss supplements can do is to give you a slight advantage in becoming slim. Weight loss supplements may help you lose about 2 to 3 pounds in a month. If you intend to take weight loss supplements, you will get better effects if you take the weight loss supplements while controlling your diet and following an exercise regime. The main ingredients found in weight loss supplements are vitamins, amino acids, metabolites, minerals and enzymes and organ tissues. They are found in numerous forms like powder, tablet, liquid or capsule form. Chitosan is a popular ingredient of weight loss supplements that is derived from the shells of lobsters, shrimps and other shellfish. This is an indigestible fiber that helps in weight loss by binding fat that is ingested and thus blocking its absorption. However there is not much support for this claim, and there are side effects of gas and constipation.

Chromium is said to give a boost in lean mass and, help remove body fat. This is why it is used in weight loss supplements to help lose weight and increase the muscle tissue in the body without any increase in muscle weight. The ban on Ephedra has led to the discovery of the weight reducing effects of Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange). It is however said to induce and increase in blood pressure and there is no actual proof on its weight losing abilities. The extract from Garcinia cambogia is used in many weight loss supplements as it contains hydroxycitric acid. This is a substance that helps in the curbing of food intake, restricts Biofit weight gain and avoids the storage of excess calories as fat. However there are no studies proving this observation, and there are also some side effects associated to it like upper respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms.The guarana plant seed has caffeine in it and this is what makes guarana effective as a mild appetite suppressant. It was usually used with Ephedra, until Ephedra was banned. However there are side effects to the excessive use of guarana which are similar to a caffeine overdose; insomnia, anxiety, panic or restlessness. Some weight loss supplements have plantago psyllium in them.

This is a water soluble fiber that if taken before a meal, makes a person feel full which in turn makes you eat less. However instead of helping as a weight loss supplement, psyllium is more often used to cure constipation than as a weight loss aid. There are many weight loss supplements with different ingredients for you to choose from in the market. however there is nothing that can beat the age old secrets to weight loss which are exercise, eating less and having control over your emotional problems as stress and depression tends to make a person binge out; so avoid emotional problems to lose weight.

Common Problems Kids Have In 3rd Grade Math and How to Fix Them

Third grade math can be difficult for some children, as they’re expected to draw upon their experience from K-2 to tackle relatively complex math problems including multiplication and division. As a parent, you should work with your child during this crucial period in his or her education, as struggling kids will undoubtedly continue to struggle unless they receive encouragement, differentiated instruction and plenty of practice.

Les 5 raisons pour lesquelles les cours particuliers de maths en ligne font  la différence

Common Problems That 3rd Graders Have with Math

Before tackling your child’s math problems, it’s helpful to understand the curriculum and why certain types of math lessons are difficult for young children. 3rd grade math curriculum typically includes multiplication and division, which children often struggle with. Kids will have especially pronounced problems when multiplying and dividing if they’ve had problems with addition and subtraction in the past or if they simply haven’t spent much time practicing these basic skills. Children may also have trouble seeing the patterns in multiplication tables, which will make it much more difficult for them to keep up with their classmates cours particuliers maths. Multiplication tables can be difficult to approach and kids who understand the relationship between division and multiplication will be able to absorb lessons much more easily.

Most 3rd grade classrooms will also work with three-digit numbers, which can be confusing to some children. These problems are often detected when young children are asked to perform estimations, which is a regular part of 3rd grade math courses.

Practicing 3rd Grade Math Lessons At Home

The best way to treat many math problems is to first find the source of the problem and to adapt the instruction to concentrate on weak areas. Regular at-home math practice is absolutely critical during the first few years of a child’s education, as at-home practice will serve to reinforce concepts and to allow children to move along at a faster pace. Practice is especially important during the holidays, the summer and during other breaks in a child’s school year.

Online math software can be an effective way to practice at home, as math programs provide a steady source of new problems for children. Many modern math programs also use adaptive learning techniques to automatically change the types of problems that the child sees to adapt to his or her strengths and weaknesses. Your child will be consistently challenged and encouraged, which should lead to steady improvement.

At the same time, past lessons will occasionally be revisited. This prevents your child from forgetting basic concepts that will be used in future lessons, thereby making every subsequent lesson somewhat easier.

Tracking Progress and Introducing New Lessons

Math programs can also generate charts for teachers and parents that show a child’s progress over time. By using these charts, parents can spot math lessons that might benefit from different instruction techniques and discuss this with teachers.

There’s also a more tangible benefit to math software for 3rd grade kids. Young children enjoy working with computers, and by using math software at home and in the classroom, you’ll be helping your child stay interested in his or her education. Learning math can be a very positive experience. This is one of the most powerful gifts that parents can give to their kids and certainly one of the most effective ways to treat the various problems that young children have with mathematics.