Austin Vs Bryce – Back in Black Vs Blue Moon

Austin MCBroom vs Bryce Hall live is a battle between two of the most talented guitarists of their day, and they both put on an amazing show for their respective audiences. In the mid 90’s, Bryce and Austin took their talents to Boston and started what is known as the “Blues Festival.” What began as a small gathering of fans, quickly grew into an internationally recognized event that still exists today.

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B Bryce is one of the more unique guitarists out there, having played both classical and jazz for years. He has also developed an extensive catalog of jazz guitar music that is widely acclaimed. For this reason, his performances are always in demand, and he usually only shows up at festivals that feature both guitar and jazz. His performances are quite legendary, having been featured in videos and television specials, as well as in movies. This notoriety brought him to a whole new set of fans la nacion mas en vivo.

During his time with Bryce Hall, Austin was asked to perform at their New Year’s Eve bash, and did a stellar job of playing both sets of tunes. This performance went down pretty well with the band and their audience. After the night was over, the band interviewed Austin and got quite a bit of interesting material out of him, which is documented in the documentary Blues Guitar. The following day, they performed a free concert in the Candlestick Park amphitheater, during which they were joined by guest artists like Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Muddy Waters, and Luther Vandross.

Following their second encore, the crowd seemed to get more excited about the show, and the band headed on stage to what would prove to be an equally fantastic encore. During “Mr. Tambourine man,” Austin and Bryce played a cover of the Beach Boys song “isites,” and the audience broke into a spontaneous cheer for the group. The crowd again broke into a huge cheer when “Yum Yum” was played, and the crowd again erupted into another spontaneous cheer when “Back in Black” was played. By this time, everyone in the crowd seemed to know the group’s name!

The encore wound up being an excellent rendition of “Mrs. Robinson.” Back in Black again offered a classic rendition of a Beach Boys tune. Finally, with only a few songs left, Bryce backed out on his guitar solo and the crowd erupted once more. This time, he sang along to “Reelin’ in the Years.”

The band finally came to a finish, and Austin and Bryce looked up to the stage, where they were given a standing ovation. Everyone in the crowd gave them great notices, and they were soon mobbed by fans. As the band broke up and went back to their hotel, everyone went home feeling really happy.

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