How to Wire a Light Switch?

In the civilized world everything is electrified. It is essential for everyone to know the wiring of light switches. A fundamental knowledge of how it works helps a person to wire a light switch. The civilized world is an electrified world. In particular, the lights have changed our life by illuminating the night and making it genial to wide ambit of human activity. Since it has become our everyday conveniences, it is essential for us to know the wiring of switches. You may be a wiring a switch because you are in need of a new one or you may be adding another new light switch in your home.

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Anyway it needs some fundamental knowledge to understand how a light switch works. For wiring light switch you need some basic tools like voltage tester to check the power flow, screwdrivers, and wire strippers

The basic thing you need to begin with is you should have your house wired all through the house and they can be accessed Wire Crimp Pull Tester. This process shouldn’t take longer than a minute. Light switch wiring performs the opposite task. The switch is the last circuit and the light is the source.

First, you should check if the power to the switch is turned off. Trip the breaker box to turn off the power flowing to the switch. This is to avoid the chances of you getting electrocuted. Now you can start your task.

Unscrew the plate of the old switch and remove the old light assisted by unscrewing the actual light. Once you unscrew the screw and pull it out, you can see the wires. You can see either red or black wires or white wire. Plait the white wire into a pigtail if it is not done.

Unscrew the copper screws from the sides of the light and unhook the red or black original wire carefully. You can now pull out the old light switch which was burned or cut. Fix the new switch by slipping it into the hole and connect both the copper and black wire. Make it in such a way that when you unscrew the light, the wires loosens and when you tightens the screw the wires get tightened. When you want to make changes next time, it will be easier for you.

Attach the green wire on the green screw or grounding screw. This is because all electrical gadgets and switches are to be earthed to offer a form of protection. Finally, place the switch back onto the wall; screw it to keep it on place and replace the plate. Thus, the wiring is successfully done. You can turn on the power and check if the switch is working.

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