Family Vacation in Mysore And Some Good Mysore Hotels

The once ruling Wodeyars considered Mysore as its capital city that is noted for its cultural grandeur and glory. Mysore, in the state of Karnataka, is famous for its picturesque charm, heritage, glorious palaces, jaw dropping gardens, striking buildings and sacred temples. A Mysore family vacation would be enthralling for both families, kids and newly wedded couples as it offers almost all kinds of attractions on a single platter. There are many family hotels in Mysore that offers comfortable accommodation and a peaceful stay.

One of the main attractions of Mysore that would be alluring to the families is the grand Mysore Palace. The palace is built in Indo-Saracen style and possesses domes, turrets, arches and colonnades. The Palace is a treasure house of exquisite carvings and works of art from all over the world. Intricately carved doors open on to luxuriously furnished rooms. Tourists must definitely not miss the world famous Brindavan Gardens that are quite symmetrical in the designs best coaching centre for ca in bangalore. These are enriched with fountains, terraces, parterres, running and cascading water channels, green lawns and flowers. Kids would enjoy boating and the musical fountains. Chamundi Hills, an attractive 335 metres high landmark reached by a 13 km road or by climbing up the 1,000 steps, should also be incorporated in a Mysore family vacation. Mysore Zoo is also an added attraction that houses exceptional and exotic species. Tourists with specific interest in viewing exhibits must include the Art Gallery and Rail Museum in their Mysore family vacation. The Jaganmohan Palace converted into an art gallery in 1875 exhibits paintings made of real vegetable and mineral dyes. Rail Museum, set up in 1979 at Krishnaraja Sagar Road, is home to invaluable locomotives, coaches, painting and photographs narrating the “Rail Story” and the development of the railways.

Hotels in Mysore

Hotel Roopa, with prices ranging in between Rs.1000 to Rs.2400, is counted among the best hotels in Mysore. The hotel has facilities that include multi-cuisine restaurants, rail/bus/air booking, tour & travels, wi-fi internet facility; booking for Water Park, gift shop etc. Families can also opt for Howard Johnson Monarch that has 18 graciously appointed rooms and 2 luxuriously furnished suites. The starting price for this hotel is Rs.2500 and the hotel has received a 100% recommendation from reviews of guests who have stayed at this hotel.

Mysore enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year with bearable summers and winters. Bangalore is the nearest city that connects the rest of the country with Mysore and hence, it is well connected through air, rail and road. Inside the city, tourists can commute in auto rickshwas, taxis and tongas. Tourists can shop for Mysore Silks, Mysore Jasmine (Mysore Mallige), Mysore Sandalwood (Mysore Srigandha) and Mysore Eggplant (Mysore Badane).

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