Hitting the Local Truck Outfitters for Accessories

I went out to my local truck outfitters to get some new exterior truck accessories. My truck had been factory stock for quite some time, and I decided I wanted to really make it mine with a few easy to install accessories that also add function. OK, some of them are for looks, but my five foot tall wife sure appreciates the new running boards, and the lights come in handy.

BedRug Carpet Truck Bed Liners- RHR Swag®

When it came time to pick the accessories I wanted to be sure I was getting what I needed, and that I got what would fit on my truck. I didn’t want to end up with SUV accessories on my truck, so I did my research and talked with experts.

I had to consider what it was I used my truck for and what accessories would complement that spray on bedliner. I actually use my truck for work, so I catered to that. I also had to consider the local climate and what it could do to my truck if I didn’t properly protect it. The biggest investment I put in was a spray on bedliner. Like I said, I use my truck for work and it the bed can get scratched and dinged up. These little dings and scratches can, over time, lead to rust and the eventual deterioration of your truck bed. A good spray on liner will seal it all up and prevent this from happening.

As mentioned previously, my wife is a bit on the short side. So running boards or steps had to factor in so she could come with me comfortably when we needed the truck instead of the car. I found that buying 304 stainless steel, or aluminum products, were the best to buy. This is again because of the local environment where I live in Southwestern Ontario. These metals are more durable and better suited to the cold, the salt on the roads in the winters, and the rains all spring. You need a diverse and resistant metal, and those are the two you want to consider.

Another consideration when you look at the fact this is a work truck and a home truck is that it can get awful dirty, awful quick. To help with this I bought a second set of floor mats. When I get home and know that I’m using the truck for family stuff I can pull those dirty floor mats out, put clean ones in, and it is like I never put my dirty work boots all over the floor just moments ago. It makes it much more comfortable when I’m in my loafers rather than my steel toe boots.

The last thing I needed was better lights. There are times when I’m stuck at the jobsite until late at night. Sometimes we need a little extra light to see the last bit of cleanup or finishing work. My truck is always there so I thought why not use it? In addition to the work aspect, I also need it for when I’m leaving the jobsite. I’m typically in a more remote area that doesn’t have the best street lighting, if any, and that little bit more light can help out quite a lot. Going to my local truck outfitters really improved the use of my truck professionally, and personally.

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