Automotive Technology – Active and Passive Safety Systems

A driver is desperately trying to make a business appointment and fiddles with the phone to call ahead that she is running late. Another flips through a portfolio of CDs trying to find just the right music selection. Both overestimate their abilities and swerve momentarily into the next lane.

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In today’s busy world, people often find themselves multi-tasking; and unfortunately, drivers are taking this trend to the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), not only do the majority of Americans view driving as a routine task (i.e., not worthy of special attention), 50% of all crashes involve driver “inattention.” agrees. It says 90% of vehicles in “fatal, single-vehicle rollovers involved routine driving maneuvers” and 85% of “rollover-related fatalities are single-vehicle crashes.” Based on these statistics, driver behavior seems to play a crucial role in fatal rollover crashes.

At the same time that drivers are being implored to practice safe and attentive driving, automotive engineers are also eager to create new technologies to help increase roadway safety Belt and Road Initiative. Isn’t there some fancy device that could warn a driver when he drifts into the next lane? React when another vehicle is in his blind spot? Apply the brakes before a crash?

Pre-crash mitigation systems attempt to combat some of the common causes of automobile accidents through warnings and automatic adjustments. Such systems are the focus of research initiatives into roadway safety and include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and side alert systems.

In a forward collision warning system, the vehicle’s system literally senses the distance between it and the vehicle or object ahead of it in the lane. Predicting the possibility of an accident by sensing the distance between slower moving and stopped vehicles ahead, it warns the driver when appropriate. If a crash occurs, the system initializes precautionary measures – such as pretensioning motorized safety belts and applying brakes. Indeed, active braking in the seconds before a collision can play a major role in crash energy reduction.

According to NHTSA, some 200,000 accidents every year are due to lane changes. To help reduce the number of these accidents, lane departure warning systems have been designed. They caution drivers when their vehicles leave their intended lanes. Using a monocular camera mounted behind the windshield, the lane departure warning system’s software programs estimate lane width and road curvature, determine the vehicle’s heading and lateral position and initialize a tactile, visual or audible alert to its driver when he or she crosses a line.

It’s not difficult to guess, then, what side alert systems do. Using infrared sensing and other technologies, such systems help drivers become aware of vehicles in side blind spots. In some models, these sensors are integrated into mirrors, taillights and side fascia. The side blind spot region is scanned for temperature changes to detect a vehicle, a visual indication can be given in mirrors, and, when necessary, an audible alert can be issued. The technology is so advanced, sensors ignore stationary roadside objects and are immune to noise.

Once an automotive engineer has cameras, IR sensors and radars on a car, there is an opportunity to imagine and develop many more products. And, as automotive engineers perfect these systems, they are likely to become more widely available to consumers.

Jewelry for Women: Great Ways to Store Your African Jewelry

Jewelry boxes for women have been influenced by a number of cultures. The African one, for example has a huge history of jewelry that is worn both by men and women. There were, and are a wide range of materials that are used in the creation of African jewelry.

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The people of Western Africa for example, used a lot of brass. For the people of Akan, gold was the material of choice. Copper too was used extensively in African jewelry.

There were some unique pieces of jewelry that were created. The ankle bracelets of the Senufo tribe are good specimens. These were designed to look like boats and were worn by men, women and children of all ages. However, being farmers, the men often found these bracelets a hindrance jewelry for women.

Women’s bracelets that had little bells on them were quite popular with the people of the Dan and the We tribes. These were decorative bells and used when people had to dance. The married women of Fulani had uniquely styled gold earrings. These were sticks of gold that were beaten into crescent-shaped designs.

African tribal jewelry for women today is quite extravagant especially when you look at those made by the Ashanti tribe. There are even feasts where jewelry is showcased as a highlight of the evening. On the death of the king, women wear loads of jewelry and perform ritualistic dances.

Ethiopia had Christianity introduced in the 4th century. A form of jewelry that evolved was the ornate cross that was placed on blue cotton cord called mateb. These are made of silver or nickel alloy.

Because of the vast natural resources available to the African jeweler, there were several nature-based materials that were made into jewelry. The coconut disc necklace was one such and quite popular in Nigeria and Guinea and were made from fragments of coconut. Today, finding complete necklaces of coconut are so difficult.

The Kenyan women were especially known for their love of bone based jewelry. Items like necklaces and chokers were made of a number of materials mixed together like animal bone, gold and silver. These were then interspersed with precious stones.

In Africa, wooden boxes for men were quite popular. One of the common African woods used in its making was the Bubinga. This is also known as the Guibourtia arnoldiana.

This wood is widely found in West African countries like Gabon and Angola. They are prized for their durability as well as the beauty they exude. They are completely resistant to wood eating insects thus making them the perfect case to hold valuables.

Sometimes wooden boxes made of other woods have their side panels made with Bubinga. African Mahogany is also used in the creation of valets for men. They are sometimes highlighted with Wenge accents and are designed to have pull-out drawers to store all kinds of male accessories.

Free Slots Games – An Option Worth Trying

Nowadays, more people are looking out for newer ways of getting entertained and the traditional method of going to a regular casino and playing the games there simply doesn’t make that much sense anymore. Hence, it has become important to know more about the new ways in which you can be entertained without spending as much time trying to discover this process. An option that you could perhaps take into account would probably have to be free slots games. All things considered, this is perhaps one of the most sensible options of the lot, and essentially one that you can be sure of liking.

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Play when you want

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Simple to adopt

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