Poor Absorption From Nutritional Candida Supplements

My friend found out that she had candida because of many mysterious health problems. She got problems in having thyroid went up and down, and also with fungus toenails. She did some research and found out that most of the nutritional candida supplements in the form of pills or tablets are very poorly absorbed by the body, and only 20 % of the vitamins are actually absorbed. She is now taking Seasilver and it is supposed to have a very good reputation. She has had chronic keravita pro fatigue for years and candida. She knows she is going through major detox right now, but the weird thing is she also feels better. Anyways, it is supposed to be really got to your cells and is a powerhouse in nutrients.

Typical tablets or capsules of medications or supplements are poorly absorbed by the body. That is why we should take liquid supplements. Besides that, I also love to take Hydroxygen. In case for maybe you haven’t heard of it, it is a great source of extra oxygen in the body and helps boost the effectiveness of the supplements. It is also a nice way to detox the body as I have experienced it.

I have a minor amount of candida as what my naturopath said. I have had fungal infection on my chest and back for years. Fortunately, it is starting to fade away, a few more to shades to get rid of and I am free to take off my shirt when I am in the beach. I have also had problem with hair loss spotting, but it seems like my hair is growing back, thanks to the detox.

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