Learn How to Reverse Diabetes When You Are at Risk

Diabetes is a serious disease which is affecting millions of people worldwide. Generally, there are two main types of diabetes, but type 2 diabetes is more prevalent. Type 2 diabetes was first known as the kind of diabetes which affects older people in general. However, today, people are developing this disease at any age.

Diabetes develops when pancreatic cells, or the cells which produce the body’s insulin, are damaged. Type 2 diabetes usually starts with insulin resistance. This stage is usually reversible and Reversirol can be reverted back to health with proper diet and healthy living. However, when diabetes is not detected at this early stage, it can lead to full-blown diabetes where serious complications such as heart attacks, blindness and premature death can easily happen.

A person with diabetes should be able to control with diabetes status with diabetes medication and healthy lifestyle. Here are major steps by which you can control or reverse your diabetes condition:

Eat healthy. This is definitely not new to you. We have been advised by our parent’s parents about how eating the right foods can keep us healthy. Well, they are definitely correct. When you have just recently advised that you have type 2 diabetes, you have to plan a proper diet. Whole, fresh and raw foods, especially those rich in fiber, are perfect for you. A big no-no to type 2 diabetics are fatty foods in addition to processed and sweet foods. Eating healthy does not mean you have to completely sway away from eating palatable foods. Just remember to keep everything in moderation.

Avoid foods rich in sugar. Obviously, this should be one of the type of foods you should little by little take out from your daily menu. Sweet foods, or glycemic foods, can easily increase your blood sugar level and this is not want you want.

Regularly check your blood sugar levels. You have to be sure that your sugar level is within the normal range. This is very important as a small rise in your blood glucose level is very dangerous for you. Diabetics should have their own personal glucometer for this matter. It is important that you check your sugar levels in the morning and before retiring to bed.

Exercise a lot. Exercise does a lot to our body. Find time to do a cardio exercise at least twenty minutes everyday. Fun activities such as hiking and swimming are great ways by which you can control your diabetes status at the same time live a very healthy lifestyle. Having someone to accompany you will make the activity even more enjoyable.

Lastly, take your doctor’s advice on a serious note. Your endocrinologist knows a lot about your diabetes status; thus you should take his advice seriously. He should be able to enlighten you regarding your diabetes medication and how and when to take them.

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