The Best Ab Exercises For a Flat Belly – 3 Killer Workouts For a Flat Stomach

The best workouts you can do to get a flat belly are not your typical abdominal exercises. Sit-ups, crunches and leg lifts don’t give your metabolism a boost because they are not high enough in intensity. It is recommended to use full body workouts to get a fast fat burning effect. The workouts in this article do create a much better ab workout than a typical ab workout.

Renegade dumbbell rows

After doing this fast fat burning workout you will really feel it in your abs. Start in a pushup position with you hands on two dumbbells. Row one dumbbell up and stabilize one dumbbell with your other arm. Bring the dumbbell back to the ground and alternate okinawa flat belly tonic the rowing arm while stabilizing with the opposite arm. Do not be surprised to do end up in sweat after doing this workout.

Front squats

Front squats is a typical leg exercise a killer workout to perform to get a flat belly fast. Hold the barbell in front of your body on the front of your shoulders. Cross your arms and push your fist into the bar against your shoulder while keeping your elbows in front of front of the body. By doing this you stabilize the barbell on your shoulders. Front squats do require extreme stabilization strength from the abs so put this exercise on your to do list to achieve a flat belly fast.

Mountain climbers

To perform the mountain climbers workout start in a pushup position and then shuffle your feet in and out. Your knees are moving in under your chest and then back out to starting position. T is the standard version of the exercise. Do the mountain climbers workout but shuffle your hands 8-10 inches forward and backward in addition to the leg movements. Now you really have a full body exercise.

Recommended – Rest 30 seconds before you start a new exercise – Before you repeat the “tri-set” rest about 1-2 minutes

So you don’t have to do any ab exercises to get a flat stomach fast.

Give me a few mintues and I show you how to get a flat belly.

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