Electronic Outdoor Advertising – The Devices Used

Electronic outside signage or publicity as it is occasionally referred to can vary in cost based upon what you want to reach and how you want to achieve it. For example there are massive video walls in Times Square NY, or you will see LCD monitors in your local shopping center, both work well but it is dependent on how much you want to invest.

16mm Outdoor LED Video Wall - Xtreme Media - YouTube

Video Walls.
Utilizing Commercial Screens.
Now video walls can be made up of outdoor, sun bright monitors in a grid of 6 x 4 screens, these displays can be left out-of-doors and are as a rule mounted to building walls high up from the footpath, this high vantage point has two advantages. The first is it catches more consumers attention being high up and the second is that the screens are out-of-the-way, preventing them getting broken. Now these can have zones set to certain ads and only these ads shown, for instance the center 4 TVs could advertise a clothing makes latest range, the adjoining TVs can be used for weather or news information, then when the advert is finished the full display can revert back to full size showing other ads. These range from $1299 per screen.

Using a modular video wall.
These video walls are specifically designed for outdoor use and ordinarily comprise of LED panels, offering the latest in technology. These panels are available in 1 metre square panels that install into an outside cases and once wired to the central processor the ads can be zoned as above. These can range from $3,400 per square metre.

Outside Kiosks.
These are a water proof and vandal proof kiosk that will endure the weather and are normally deployed in areas that are not secluded where people are present and with negligible supervision. These kiosks range in size from 42″ up to 80″ and can be either none touch or interactive through a touch screen panel.

Usually the screen is either fitted behind the touch panel or protective window and is connected to a PC or media player that stores the advertisements and all updates of fresh content are through a secure internet connection. These can range from $4250 up to $30,000.

Out-of-doors electronic signage casing.
An outside dynamic marketing cabinet permits the use of non commercial displays but offers the accurate level of protection for the internally housed device. The screen, media player or computer are housed in a protective casing made from heavy gauge steel, painted in a special coating to avoid anything the weather can throw at it.

In each unit a thermostat cooling and heating solution is available to guarantee the internally encased hardware is kept at the ideal temperature inside stopping the hardware from overheating.

Each enclosure is locked by dedicated security locks to stop any one stealing the equipment inside the casing. These range from $1389 and can be moved and re-configured if the location has to be moved making this a very cheap and flexible solution.

These monitor enclosures can even be monitored remotely with alerts emailed to the AV manager should an incident of neglect be detected on the cases.

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