6 Top Security Tips for Your Phone

In today’s world when cell phones (both smart and those that are not smart) are common possessions, it is very imperative to know their security implications. Either you are using an ordinary cell phone or an Android Smartphone, there are mainly three top security tips you must know. You either know them or risk losing your valuable phone.

Take Note of the IMEI
Make sure you store the IMEI number of your phone in a secured place. This is because if it is stolen, you can approach your service provider with the number so that the phone will be blocked. The IMEI number is a 15-digit number found on every phone https://tipandroid.com/.

Stop Physical access to Your Phone
Enable the lock mode of your phone so that when someone finds it, access will be denied. Do not put your phone anywhere and endeavor to always put it in a case. This will shield it from unnecessary theft and also protect it from harsh weather condition. Many Android phones lock automatically when idle for a certain period of time.

Add Priority Protocol
If you are using an Android phone, endeavor to add priority protocols such as HAIPE which stands for High Assurance Internet Protocol Encrypt. This is since the NSA wants right of entry into all government’s classified IP router. In addition, in its bid to secure Android Smartphone, Google has created a secured Android kernel which will block communication with a phone when there is a security violation.

Keep Your System Updated
Use the latest mobile operating system for your phone. This will enable you to enjoy great and latest security features that will not only protect your information but also protect your gadget.

Be Careful With Your Click
There are lots of scammers looking for credit card information to steal, hence be extra cautious on what you click on and who you exchange information with. In fact, social media are now wrongfully used to entice you to click on malicious links. Be sure that a site you are exchanging vital information with has a URL that starts with ‘http’ or else run for your dear life.

Download Applications from Trusted Sites
The greatest fun associated with a Smartphone is that you can get applications for virtually everything. However, many third party developers churn out series of apps for users in a bid to improve user-experience. As a result of this, endeavor to check the reliability of a site before downloading applications from it.

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