Basement Waterproofing Made Easy With New Products

One thing that all homeowners could use a little more of is good old fashion basement renovations. For most people the thought of doing major home remodels just doesn’t appeal to them. It seems too expensive, time consuming and ultimately, it is just too much work. That is why basements remain such a disappointment.

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However, that is changing. With a little ambition and ingenuity basements can be transformed into whole new living spaces. Basement renovations are becoming more popular as home owners try to add value to their homes. Whether it is to sell or simply give their basement a new lease on life, there is no reason that anyone should have to live with an outdated basement any longer.

To get started with basement renovations, it is important that you have a clear idea of what exactly you hope to accomplish. Do you plan on turning your basement into a new bedroom? Or perhaps you are hoping to turn it into a family room? Will you be performing all the work yourself or will you be hiring out some construction work? Even more importantly, will your basement to be used for storage or will it be a place where you will be allowing guests to dine?

Basement renovations can be broken down into several different categories. Those that are simply updating the overall appearance of a basement will not require any structural changes. All that is needed are paint jobs, adding some shelves or a little bit of plumbing. Kitchen and bathroom space can be gained by installing new fixtures, like a dishwasher, but basements that need a little bit of help in this department will still do fine with a few additions.

Basement construction companies in Ottawa can help with all of these types of basements. There are a number of different techniques that are used when rehabbing basements using contractors. One popular choice for contractors is called stress relief basements. This is where the entire floor is poured with concrete slabs and the walls are built up on those concrete pillars.

Another option for filling in holes and strengthening a basement are the sump pump basements. These normally run just above the ground and provide draining for basements that are shallow. They are ideal for older homes that might have drainage issues. If you are in need of additional drains you should check with the basement contractor you are working with for more information.

There are other benefits to doing basement renovations on your own. One such benefit is saving money. If you are renovating an entire basement you will want to have someone there to help you measure, calculate and supervise. Sometimes, having one person Manning the job can save up to ten percent on the total cost. Some other benefits include doing things on your own, knowing your own limitations and being able to take your time with the project Basement Renovations Ottawa.

The basement is a valuable addition to any home. The basement needs to be treated just like any other room in the house. You do not want to have problems and issues with mold or dampness. Basement renovations can save you money when it comes to repair costs later on. Do a little research and talk to various basement contractors for more information on basement renovations.

Some areas can be very humid and others can have very cold temperatures. This is why basement renovations are so important. Basements in humid areas can suffer from leaks and mildew, which can cost you money in the future. Water damage can also happen in basements in places that do not have any type of drain system.

Basement waterproofing is a great option for many homes. When done properly, basement waterproofing can help prevent flooding. Waterproofing basements is also very important for those who live in areas that have heavy rainfall and snow fall. If you live in an area where there is frequent flooding, you will want to talk to a waterproofing contractor about basement renovations.

You will also need to think about where you are installing the waterproofing membrane. This is something that should be taken care of by the professionals. There are several options that are available to you when it comes to basement waterproofing. There are new products on the market that have proven to be very effective and they can save you a lot of money in the long run. Talk to a waterproofing company in your area to find out what you should be looking for when it comes to basement renovations.

6 Top Security Tips for Your Phone

In today’s world when cell phones (both smart and those that are not smart) are common possessions, it is very imperative to know their security implications. Either you are using an ordinary cell phone or an Android Smartphone, there are mainly three top security tips you must know. You either know them or risk losing your valuable phone.

Take Note of the IMEI
Make sure you store the IMEI number of your phone in a secured place. This is because if it is stolen, you can approach your service provider with the number so that the phone will be blocked. The IMEI number is a 15-digit number found on every phone

Stop Physical access to Your Phone
Enable the lock mode of your phone so that when someone finds it, access will be denied. Do not put your phone anywhere and endeavor to always put it in a case. This will shield it from unnecessary theft and also protect it from harsh weather condition. Many Android phones lock automatically when idle for a certain period of time.

Add Priority Protocol
If you are using an Android phone, endeavor to add priority protocols such as HAIPE which stands for High Assurance Internet Protocol Encrypt. This is since the NSA wants right of entry into all government’s classified IP router. In addition, in its bid to secure Android Smartphone, Google has created a secured Android kernel which will block communication with a phone when there is a security violation.

Keep Your System Updated
Use the latest mobile operating system for your phone. This will enable you to enjoy great and latest security features that will not only protect your information but also protect your gadget.

Be Careful With Your Click
There are lots of scammers looking for credit card information to steal, hence be extra cautious on what you click on and who you exchange information with. In fact, social media are now wrongfully used to entice you to click on malicious links. Be sure that a site you are exchanging vital information with has a URL that starts with ‘http’ or else run for your dear life.

Download Applications from Trusted Sites
The greatest fun associated with a Smartphone is that you can get applications for virtually everything. However, many third party developers churn out series of apps for users in a bid to improve user-experience. As a result of this, endeavor to check the reliability of a site before downloading applications from it.

Small Business Tools Every Business Owner Needs

If you have been trying to figure out just which of the latest tools that have been introduced into the marketplace are worth your time in reviewing and implementing into your organization, you are not alone. So many businesspeople just like you are complaining about the incredible number of applications available and the amount of time it takes for them to sort through the options to find a great solution for their needs.

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While it’s true that it is indeed time-consuming to research which applications can help you best and even more time-consuming to learn to use the ones you choose, go ahead and do it. It’s time and effort well-spent. You truly do need to learn more about the small business tools available to you. These tools and applications truly do make life easier and business tasks faster, and they streamline processes that you would find difficult to do alone, and on your own.

So which small business tools are worth your time and effort? You don’t want to spend time researching all of the options available, and instead just want to condensed version of what you need to know about the top options. Here is what you need to know

1. MailChimp is just what you need if your marketing plan includes a regular newsletter of some type. It is not at all true that mailing lists are a thing of the past. They may be old-fashioned but they are still a good and reliable way to reach your customers.

2. Freshbooks is a turnkey accounting solution that offers accounts payable and receivable options, the ability to create and send invoices, record activities on timesheets, and even track the time to see how much time you are spending on various activities. It’s a nifty application that the self-employed use to track their finances, as well as collect from clients.

3. GoTo Webinar is a “must” for those with off-site employees or those with customers who need hand-holding but are too far away to visit the office or store site physically.

These are just a few of the top small business tools available to you, and as you can see each of these offers you some valuable applications and features that can transform the way you do business, making important tasks easier, faster, and often more affordable, too. Take the time to explore these options, find out how they work, and watch them transform the way you run your business.

Electronic Outdoor Advertising – The Devices Used

Electronic outside signage or publicity as it is occasionally referred to can vary in cost based upon what you want to reach and how you want to achieve it. For example there are massive video walls in Times Square NY, or you will see LCD monitors in your local shopping center, both work well but it is dependent on how much you want to invest.

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Video Walls.
Utilizing Commercial Screens.
Now video walls can be made up of outdoor, sun bright monitors in a grid of 6 x 4 screens, these displays can be left out-of-doors and are as a rule mounted to building walls high up from the footpath, this high vantage point has two advantages. The first is it catches more consumers attention being high up and the second is that the screens are out-of-the-way, preventing them getting broken. Now these can have zones set to certain ads and only these ads shown, for instance the center 4 TVs could advertise a clothing makes latest range, the adjoining TVs can be used for weather or news information, then when the advert is finished the full display can revert back to full size showing other ads. These range from $1299 per screen.

Using a modular video wall.
These video walls are specifically designed for outdoor use and ordinarily comprise of LED panels, offering the latest in technology. These panels are available in 1 metre square panels that install into an outside cases and once wired to the central processor the ads can be zoned as above. These can range from $3,400 per square metre.

Outside Kiosks.
These are a water proof and vandal proof kiosk that will endure the weather and are normally deployed in areas that are not secluded where people are present and with negligible supervision. These kiosks range in size from 42″ up to 80″ and can be either none touch or interactive through a touch screen panel.

Usually the screen is either fitted behind the touch panel or protective window and is connected to a PC or media player that stores the advertisements and all updates of fresh content are through a secure internet connection. These can range from $4250 up to $30,000.

Out-of-doors electronic signage casing.
An outside dynamic marketing cabinet permits the use of non commercial displays but offers the accurate level of protection for the internally housed device. The screen, media player or computer are housed in a protective casing made from heavy gauge steel, painted in a special coating to avoid anything the weather can throw at it.

In each unit a thermostat cooling and heating solution is available to guarantee the internally encased hardware is kept at the ideal temperature inside stopping the hardware from overheating.

Each enclosure is locked by dedicated security locks to stop any one stealing the equipment inside the casing. These range from $1389 and can be moved and re-configured if the location has to be moved making this a very cheap and flexible solution.

These monitor enclosures can even be monitored remotely with alerts emailed to the AV manager should an incident of neglect be detected on the cases.