Your Toilet: Size Really Does Matter

The toilet is a must in every home. It is basically where men release and get to clean out all the toxins in their bodies, all in the form of pee and poop.

Typically, home interior design experts would advise homeowners to always keep their toilets spic and span so that it will always be in good working condition. But they often fail to advise that cans need to be of the right dimensions, too, for the homeowner to be able to move more comfortably in it. Not just that, the right sized toilet would also ensure that the toilet would be cleaned out more thoroughly.

On Toilet Dimensions

As mentioned earlier, the dimensions of a can really matter much in every home. That is basically the reason why we are going to tackle this subject here.

To find out what a toilet’s dimensions should be, first off, we need to determine just what kind of toilet we actually want. There are two basic kinds of toilets, as per the shape. There are round toilets and elongated toilets. Elongated toilets are typically bigger in size 토토사이트 and dimension than the round cans. Elongated toilets also allow for more push and flexibility during bowel movements. But the round toilets help the user in maintaining stability during bowel movements.

Round toilets usually come with dimensions of 24 and a half inches by 19 and a half inches by 26 inches. On the other hand, for elongated toilets, the common dimensions are 30 and a half inches by 19 and a half inches by 26 inches.

Now, let us take a peek at the dimensions of some of the most popular toilet brands out there. Perhaps it would be safe to select two: American Standard and TOTO.

Let’s take a look first at the round and elongated toilet models from American Standard. Two of its most common elongated cans models include the Doral Champion elongated toilet model and the Oakmont Champion elongated toilet model. Both have dimensions of 30 3/8 inches by 19 3/8 inches by 34 5/16 inches.

On the other hand, when it comes to the round toilet models of American Standard, one model that stands out is the Repertoire Two Piece Round Toilet. It has typical dimensions of 28 1/4 inches by 18 1/2 inches by 31 1/2 inches.

The Top 3 Contractors in the Cincinnati Area

If you are new at remodeling your house or just have the general idea of giving it a new replenished look, consider the thought of contacting a specialist firm because remodeling a house can be really tricky business and is no child’s play. You are in luck if you are from Cincinnati as here is the list of the best remodeling contractors of Cincinnati, who have proved to be the best in the business.

Top Notch Interior Contractors

Need a remodeling contract? These are the guys you need to call. Top Notch Contractors peak the mountain in the field of residential remodeling. Top Notch is one of the oldest guys I this industry 토토사이트 as they started as early as 1990. Having a robust amount of professional experience in this field, Top notch interior contractors have specialized in all types of residential remodeling like bathroom, kitchen and basement remodeling.

Bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement remodeling and assembling furniture fall into the category of their expertise. They have also mastered the art of building and installing kitchen cabinets. With the bulk of experience under their belt, they have proved themselves to be prompt and highly professional. Using first-rate product brands like American Standard, Grohe, Insinkerator, Jacuzzi, Kohler, Moen, Price Pfister, Toto and Vent a Hood, customer satisfaction is guaranteed as their list of happy customers says. Describing their business as well established, the guys from Top Notch provide free estimates and welcome small jobs. They own an in-house joinery manufacturing and repair shop and in house painting and prep-bay, along with a head office warehouse storage house. They deal with partnering, reactive maintenance, development, contracts and renewables.

Pelican Construction Services, LLC

Denizens of Cincinnati are well aware of Pelican Construction Services, LLC as the guys from pelican have been around for quite a while now. Having the work experience of eleven years, have been servicing Hamilton County with major renovation and remodeling projects. You can find them on the second spot on this list as they have been treating their customers with a really comprehensive approach. They offer services for major renovations and remodeling, multiple rooms being their area of expertise. Their designs are good and grasp a fairly reasonable price when compared with the market. Their customers attain peace of mind as Pelican is known for dealing the investment with superior knowledge of industry in a very professional way, which leads to build a strong, lasting relationship amid the contactors and the customers. Their average project cost goes from 350 to 4k dollars.