Spiders Are Beautiful

Have you ever watched a spider spinning a web? It is one of the most fascinating sights you can see – it is a wonder, a marvel of nature. My wife had never really though about it until one morning when we woke, I was staring out of the window and she asked what I was staring at – I pointed at the tiny spider painstakingly making a beautiful silk pattern across the corner of our window frame. She laughed at me – I had been watching the creature for around 45 minutes, absolutely in awe and focussed on th beauty that was unfolding before me.

I love spiders, my wife never will! A lot of people never will, but once you can appreciate their place in nature, then I think you can grow to love them. You will find them anywhere and everywhere, they come in all sorts of colours and shapes and sizes, all are poisonous – some just affects their prey, some are poisonous to humans (deadly even). Some species of spiders grow as large as a dinner plate – the Huntsman Spider in Australia is huge. When I lived in Melbourne, they were everywhere….garages, toilet, garden…they are not poisonous, but their bite can be painful. They do make your heart stop though, when you see one!! Despite my love of spiders, I still took a breath when I saw one move. I also saw a redback (related to the black widow) and a white tail (which has a venom which can cause necrosis to the bite area). The latter are hunters and do steel bite pro not spin a web, but seek their prey (which is other spiders) out. I spotted both of these spiders at some point, and being new to the country, I tried to get close to them, absolutely fascinated until the Aussie friend I was staying with explained the specie of each to me. After that I maintained a respectful distance!!!

There are many things that make spiders beautiful – the way they move: they actually fill their legs with blood which straightens them out, the front legs reaching forwards and pulling as they empty and the back legs straightening out and pushing. Amazing. Some of the larger tarantula type spiders come in amazing colour variations – cobalt blue, red knee (gorgeous orange hairs), pink toes (they do have pink hairs around their feet). I saw a tiny lime green spider in our garden the other day, absolutely stunning.

The structure of a spider’s web is a truly amazing thing – since watching Charlottes Web as a child, I still look for messages spelled out in them! The spinning of a web actually takes up a lot of energy. There is a lot of protein in the silk used to make webs and it is not uncommon for a spider to eat its own web daily in order to get back the protein expended in spinning it. The threads of silk, though extremely thin, are very strong and sticky. They are spun very tightly, and as the prey gets stuck and struggles in the web, the spider senses the vibrations, and administers a bite to the prey. The bite contains a venom, that dissolves the inside of the prey, once it has taken effect the spider returns and literally sucks it’s prey dry. Disused webs are known as cobwebs.

As a matter of interest, the material used by spiders to spin webs is currently being analysed by scientists for content. They feel it has practical uses (due to its high tensile strength – stronger and more elastic than the same quantity of steel) in industry for the production of things such as bullet proof vests and artificial tendons.

One of the most incredible and fantastic things that I ever saw my tarantula do was shed its skin! Yes spiders shed their skins, as they grow, just like snakes and lizards do. All of those husks that look like dead spiders in your loft or garage are actually spider skins, where the spider has shed its skin and gone on to build another web. My tarantula would show no sign until I found it one day, lying upside down. I thought I had lost her, but as I watched (it took around 8 hours – and yes I did sit there watching it) out emerged a beautiful new spider. The spider pumps its body full of fluid first, to make the carapace pop off its back and the abdomen split down the side. As this happens, it begins to pump fluid into its legs to push the old skin off completely. When complete you are left with an extremely exhausted spider, but a very beautiful one. You are also left with a second complete but empty spider, i.e the skin. It will last a good length of time, and looks just like the real thing. The most impressive thing about the old skin, is the fangs, which grow in proportion to the spider.

It must also be said that during the time that they are shedding their skin, spiders are extremely vulnerable to insects that would normally be their prey – many of whom will happily sit and eat at the spider whist it is in a position of being unable to defend itself.

Love spiders or loathe them, I hope this article has given you at least an appreciation of these incredible and beautiful creatures and that next time you see one in the way you will think twice before you kill it. Let it walk onto a piece of paper and then place it outside. They are very delicate and complicated creatures, who if watched from a distance can be absolutely fascinating to observe. Just watch one going about its daily routine and then tell me i’m wrong!!!

Invaluable Info For Orthodontic Braces Users

However, due to technological breakthroughs in the field of orthodontics, children and adults alike are now given the option to avail of more subtle dental appliances – a far cry from the bulky steel brace apparatus of yore.

The need for orthodontic braces

Perhaps the foremost info for orthodontic braces users – what almost everyone asks when they first see their specialist is – “Do I need them?” Unlike filling cavities or pulling out a tooth, people still need to be convinced of how braces can actually help them.

The next obvious question, if it turns out that steel bite pro you really need them, is – “What type of brace should I use?” and finally, “How much does it cost?”

These are but a few of the available info for orthodontic braces users. When you go to the orthodontist, the initial check-up would involve an assessment of your dental condition and what type of work it requires.

One of the most common conditions needing the help of braces is malocclusion. This pertains to a jaw deformation or a misalignment of the teeth, and actually comes from Latin words which mean “incorrect bite.” A person who has an under bite has a lower jaw that extends beyond the upper jaw. One who has an overbite, on the other hand, has an opposite condition.

In both these cases, an orthodontic brace is required to achieve straighter teeth and a normal bite. Ideally, the upper jaw should fall slightly over the lower jaw. The points of your molars should be able to fit the recesses of the opposite molars.

The info for orthodontic braces users that dentists give is the importance of having the bite corrected. This ideal position keeps the lips and the cheeks from being bitten. The lower teeth must also protect the tongue. In addition, having a correct bite makes for easier chewing and of food and could put a worsening condition at bay. This is because malocclusion makes it more difficult to clean the teeth, and there is a higher risk of tooth decay and gum diseases (such as periodontitis or gingivitis).

Furthermore, an incorrect bite, when left untreated, could cause undue strain on your teeth, muscles, and jaws, aggravating the risk of damaging a tooth and having temporomandibular joint disorders. Sometimes the malocclusion can be very minor and would not require braces at all. In severe cases, though, surgery may be needed.

Types of orthodontic braces

Actually, a brace is just one of the many tools that a dentist makes use of to correct malocclusion. Others are head gears and retainers.

The most common type of orthodontic braces are brackets. These are used by about 70% of brace wearers.

Buy Online Merchandise – Wholesale Clothes on Drop Ship Websites

Buy Online Merchandise Clothes is an excellent opportunity for online retailers and consumers. This innovative online shopping model is not only cost effective, but has also proven to increase sales and profits. Buy online as opposed to physically going to the mall or store can save both time and money. This is one reason that more people prefer to buy their clothing online.

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Many businesses offer drop shipping services to customers. Drop shipping makes online purchases easy because items are shipped directly from the wholesaler to the customer. The prices will usually vary depending on the wholesaler, the merchandise and the destination of delivery. It’s best to do some research to find the most reasonable price for your online purchase darling in the franxx hoodie.

Another option is an online auction site. eBay is one of the most popular of these sites, but there are hundreds of others. An online auction allows the online seller to display his or her merchandise for sale. Buyers bid and can purchase the item when it reaches a predetermined price.

There are many online sellers who list their products for wholesale on popular auction sites like eBay. Dropshipping is also becoming popular with online sellers who want to expand their product lines without investing a lot of money into start-up. Dropshipping is the process of having your products delivered directly to your buyers with no additional charge to you. With dropshipping, your customers don’t pay anything until the product is sold.

In the world of online retailing, the terms wholesaler and dropshipper can be confusing. Wholesalers are the actual manufacturers, distributors and liquidators of products. Dropshippers are middlemen between the manufacturer and the customer. Your online store may be featured as a seller of wholesale apparel; however, the bulk of your inventory will come from dropshippers, not wholesalers.

You can start your own online store by selling wholesale clothing using your own online auction website or through a dropshipping service provider. Sell clothes that are fashionable and trendy, but that don’t require a huge investment. Buy online wholesale fashion clothes and accessories from reputable online vendors at rock bottom prices. Get your wholesale clothing business off the ground by selling wholesale fashion clothes that are fashionable and trendy, but don’t require a huge investment!

Wholesale online auctions are becoming a very popular way to sell fashionable, trendy clothes online. Millions of people log on to eBay every day, looking for quality, trendy clothing. Millions of people also shop online at eBay’s online auction sites. To become successful at auction sales, it is important to understand how to find and select the best wholesale clothes to sell on your online store.

There are literally thousands of wholesale apparel and fashion label brands available on auction websites. Online auction websites such as eBay make finding the best wholesale clothes and accessories for your online store easy. By finding and selecting high quality wholesale items on these auction websites, you’ll be able to sell your products at rock bottom prices. Learn more about wholesale fashion brands and find the perfect wholesale products for your online retail store.

Multifarious Benefits of Organic Vitamin Supplements

People lead hectic lives and often neglect following a balanced diet. They spend money on vitamin supplements to substitute for the lack of essential nutrients that is normally available in food. Most supplements are manufactured synthetically and contain calcium citrate, calcium carbonate and various chemicals which are derived from rocks, coral and seashells. There are no chemical compounds found in  quietum plus  organic vitamins. Our bodies are able to consume natural foods and not built to handle synthetic supplements that do not get absorbed in the body.

It may be a good idea to take supplements if your body is deficient in some minerals and vitamins. However, it does not work as well for people that wish to boost the immunity system or avoid heart problems. It is necessary to continue taking water soluble vitamins such as vitamin B and C as they are flushed out of the body easily. This is the reason why organic supplements are a better choice. You remain healthy and ensure that your body gets the right nutrients.

Advantages of using organic supplements:

Vitamin deficiencies are found in nearly 90% of people and the way to counteract this is to take organic herbal supplements and liquid vitamins.

Bodybuilders regularly take these types of supplements for developing their bodies. It is important to take the recommended dose for best results.

Look for certified organic supplements as they are absorbed by the body easily as against synthetic supplements which are absorbed by only 10% in the body. Organic supplements that are certified are 100% organic.

Most of the additives used in synthetic vitamin supplements give a metallic taste whereas organic vitamins do not isolate the ingredients. Synthetic supplements contain chemicals whereas organic supplements contain whole foods.

Homeopathy minerals are also found in organic supplements. We should try to eat more seeds, grains and nuts. Organic vitamins offer good substitutes for these items for people who do not consume these foods regularly. Organic supplements use a formula that is lacto-vegetarian. They do not contain additives, chemicals or any synthetic ingredients.

Most people are unaware of organic supplements and their health benefits. They are available in health stores though they are not as easy to come across as stores that sell synthetic supplements. The products that you purchase should be approved by USDA organic. It is important to look for certified stores or suppliers. The other point to remember is to take only the recommended dosage as it is possible to suffer from side effects if an overdose is taken. Vitamins that are water soluble do not give rise to side effects as other vitamin and mineral supplements.

How To Use Weight Loss Supplements?

Supplements are not a good choice to lose weight but they are getting popular day by day. It is better to do exercise and dieting instead of taking supplements. However, it is not possible to recover from illness without medication and health advice. Similarly good supplements will do the same job for you.

They will assist you in losing weight and achieving your natural balance. Basically, there are 4 reasons to use a weight loss supplement.

  • Stimulation to do exercise
  • Increased metabolism rate
  • Appetite suppression
  • Melting away fat

A weight loss plan is necessary before  quietum plus  you use a supplement. This plan will give you a sense of direction and it will tell you how to use a specific supplement. Write down your health goals and divide them in different groups.

Different supplements serve different purposes. During your dieting course, you may feel hungry all the time or maybe it is hard for you to stop craving. Supplements will help you control cravings and do some dieting. Appetite suppressors do this job. Be careful while using this supplement. Feeling hungry is a good thing and we do not want to cheat our digestive system. Excessive use of this supplement is not good for your health.

Weight loss cannot be achieved without dieting and exercise. If it is hard for you to do exercise, stimulative supplements like green tea or caffeine made products will do the job for you. Walk for 20 minutes daily and do some cardiovascular exercise.

Some supplements will help you increase your metabolic rate; which means you are burning more calories per minute. By the passage of time, our metabolism rate gets slower and that is why we gain weight and lose muscle mass. Supplements named as “thyroid regulators” do the same job.

Do not use thyroid regulators without the consent of your doctor, because they will inject certain hormones in your body and they will affect your thyroid gland.

Some supplements are used for melting fat. Some side effects are associated with these supplements. You may feel weak or tired during the usage of this supplement.

Here are some good rules to use a supplement. They are rules, so you will have to follow them.

Consult your doctor before you use any supplement or weight loss product

Read the label, dosage and cautions

Do not take more than the dosage prescribed

Tips to use a supplement:

  • Start with little amount. You may feel dizziness, headache, or pain. For instance, if the prescribed amount is 1-tablespoon use half tablespoon for first 3 to 5 days.
  • Proper diet plans are necessary for your health. Eat properly. Do not starve yourself.

How To Get A Free Coupon Code?

A free coupon code can be defined as a special offer, which is not provided by the retailer, but is entered by the customer through a specified website. This is a very good way to get the goods you want for a cheaper price as compared to what you would pay in your local store. It can save you both time and money, apart from reducing the hassle of going to a store to purchase the same item. The only thing that you have to ensure is that the code is valid before you use it to make your purchases. Hence, it is a double bonus, which is bound to save you money.

Claim Your Vouchers!

There are various websites, which provide free printable coupons of all kinds. The most popular among them are those, which provide printable coupons for food, grocery, beauty care, and even fuel at various retailers. These codes are mostly provided by the retailers for their customers, as they want to attract more business and thereby increase their sales Coupon Lazada.

The free coupon code is often found on the back of grocery and other grocery cards. These are often called a “discount” card. All you have to do to find a coupon code is to look for one of these cards and enter the relevant code on its website. You will then be able to enjoy the discounts offered on a regular basis. However, some of these cards may also require you to undergo a loyalty program or may have other terms and conditions attached to their use.

A free coupon code can also be found on the internet. There are various coupon sites, which offer free printable codes for a variety of products. These codes are usually used for online purchases. However, they are important for those who wish to know the special deals, which are being offered by a particular company but could not get them for some reason.

Another way to get a free coupon code is to use one of the various email newsletters that are circulating in the world wide web. These newsletters usually contain a link to a special offers section. This is where you can find all the information on new offers that are available from various companies. You simply need to fill in the required fields and submit the email address where you wish to receive the free coupon code. Sometimes, these emails can be sent manually to your inbox. But this depends on the discretion of the particular company.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, it is best that you double check whether the coupon code you have obtained is valid or not. If not, just save the number and the name of the credit card company. Once you enter this information, you will get a call from the customer support of the company. They will help you to redeem the discount. Once this is done, you will no longer have to think about saving money using the free coupon code.

The Many Choices of Online Casino Bonuses

When playing online, players have many choices of casinos, especially from outside of the USA. While the choices of casinos are vast, so are the bonus offers from numerous casinos. Casinos are using bonus offers more than ever before to market their brand to players worldwide, and what better way to get them into the door than free money?

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The most common of bonus offers from online casinos come in form of a deposit match bonus. First deposit match bonuses are very popular to those players looking for an extra boost to their bankroll, and it helps keep players playing longer. However, players should note that this free money comes with certain terms and conditions. Most of the time the bonus is non-cashable, which means it is removed from the players balance upon withdrawal. Also, deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements which differ between online casinos. Some casinos will have lower playthrough requirements and less restricted games than their competition; it’s wise to do a little bit of research before jumping into a promotion. Look around and find a bonus offer that works best for your online gaming needs situs judi.

Another form of online casino bonuses comes as a “No Deposit Bonus”. These are exactly what they sound like; players are given free money to play at the casino, and they can even withdraw if they are lucky enough to make the playthrough. This type of bonus is also common for new players, and is another great marketing tool for the casino to use and attract players. Players will find that the terms and form of no deposit bonuses will differ between casinos and software providers, however; they all equal free money. Whether it is a free chip, comp points or loyalty rewards, a no deposit bonus is a great way to get a little free action.

Free spins and timed promotions are other bonuses offered for new players. Microgaming will usually have the timed bonus offers for their new clients, and what this means is the player has a certain amount of money and time frame to make as much money as possible. If they are successful in meeting the conditions of the promotion in the time allotted, the monies won are transferred to the next stage of the offer. Players will usually get this money as a deposit bonus or in some cases in their bonus accounts.

Free spins are exactly that, free spins. Players will receive a number of free spins on a specific game either as a welcome bonus or to reward the player in weekly or monthly promotions. The coin amount is fixed as well as the paylines, so the player simply has to spin to win. Once the spins are over the winnings will be transferred to the bonus account and are subject to terms and conditions.

No matter what suits you as a player best, there is something for everyone. Every player is different, so a little bit of research and a touch of luck could prove to be profitable for all kinds of online casino players and bonus lovers.

The online casinos featured on my website have several types of welcome bonuses and other promotional offers. Of course they are used as a gimmick to get you playing at the casino, but the games are fair, so if they want to give you free money to play the games you like to play, why not? I enjoy playing with bonuses most of the time, but sometimes I’d rather play without them and not have to meet any wagering requirements.

St Parkinson, Derbyshire – Here is a Relaxing and Amazing Spot For Holidays


Stantonandgreene is a quaint little town on the Leicestershire Coast. I have been wanting to visit Stantonandgreene ever since my husband took me there for a weekend getaway as a family in the early 1990s. We stayed in a cottage on the Cotswolds as lodgings for our extended stay and during that time it became more than just a vacation destination. There are many wonderful things to see and do in St Parkinson and its surrounding areas. It is also very rich in tradition, with attractions and activities ranging from medieval architecture to chalk kilns to beautiful antique churches.

There is so much to see and do in St Parkinson that I often take visitors there by car and let them explore the area themselves. Of course, the best part about St Parkinson is the town itself. Here you can find a wide variety of things to do for all ages stantonandgreene.com.

The town started out centuries ago. There was a church built during the Middle Ages, which was later destroyed. Since then, the ruins are only now becoming a historical museum. If you like history and medieval period scenery then this is definitely a location you should not miss. Many people visit the museum to learn more about the lives of the people who lived here during this time.

St Parkinson is also known for its pottery and mosaic tiles. These crafts date back to the Iron Age. There are many beautiful examples to view. The town also has a number of antique shops, which sell a wide variety of different items. You can even find some antiques here that are going to be quite valuable.

St Parkinson also has a medieval market place. You can find all sorts of local produce and other products at this popular venue. You will also find street entertainers in the summer. There is plenty to do and see in and around the town. You can walk down the popular pier which offers great views of the coast and the estuary.

St Parkinson is also home to a small town called Wellingdon. The town was developed in the eighth century. It was a major settlement during the Norman conquest. The bridge in Wellingdon is still open and you can still see the remains of one of the Norman castles.

This area is popular with visitors who enjoy walking or cycling. The main shopping area is located on the northern part of the town. This is also where you will find the pubs and restaurants. There is plenty of history in and around the town and it is a great way to get a feel for the area. You can also enjoy a pint in the evening and maybe watch a movie.

St Parkinson is a fantastic place to visit. It has some beautiful locations and also lots to see and do. You will find plenty of different things to do here. If you are lucky enough to come during one of the summer weekends, there is the opportunity to camp at the local marina. You can also stay in a hotel in the area.

There are a number of other attractions in St Parkinson. If you enjoy water sports you will love St Parkinson beach. If you prefer the beauty of the countryside you can visit Wellingdon. There are also visits to the Roman settlements of Caerphilly and Cockington.

If you prefer culture then you will love St Parkinson Museum. The museum is designed to look at the town over the centuries. It looks at the way that life has changed in the area over those hundreds of years. There is also a Roman villa that you can visit. You can walk along the beach as well as take a boat trip to the nearby islands. There is a very popular flea market, which runs every Saturday evening.

St Parkinson is a lovely place to visit. When you visit there you will find that there are a number of different accommodation options. You can stay in hotels, self-catering or camping. You can also visit the castles which are beautiful to visit. Many people choose to stay at St Parkinson and visit the countryside on the days when they are not camping.

You will find that St Parkinson has a lot to offer you. It is a lovely little town that does not seem like much in the middle of nowhere. But once you have been there you will see that it is so different. There are many little shops and cafes that you can go to and spend your time. You will find that St Parkinson offers a great holiday whether you like staying in a self catering apartment or stay in a hotel or camping.

Online Casino – How to Land on the Right One

If you have experienced a scenario where in you logged on to your real money account in an online casino to find out that all your money or bankroll was emptied, then you probably have landed on the seemingly right but actually a wrong place to play online casino games. Incident like this one is so unfortunate of course. But, aside from it is unfortunate, it also reveals a serious problem that most of the online casino players fall onto.

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So before you go signing up for a real money account on any online casino that you think appears reputable, you might want to check first if it really is reputable enough to deal with. You may want to create some checklist first to finding and landing on a good online casino. This list should have security as the topmost item to check.

Expanding your checklist, one of the things to note is the registration process. Online casino that do come with security showcases a good identity check while insuring all of the information given will never be shared or is kept secret. Looking at the different registration procedures, some online casino sites will be asking for the name and account information which are only basic and gives you a username and a password to be used for accessing their services คาสิโนออนไลน์. While others only asks the player’s preferred username and email address and provides an admin generated password.

Though you might think that admin generated passwords are hard to guess due to its obscure combination of letters and numbers generation, not to mention the uppercase and lowercase, but it is more easier to hack compared to user generated ones. This is because it is derived from a set program which hackers can manipulate using advance know-how and some tools. So keep your accounts from hackers by generating passwords yourself. For better security, it would also be better to seek for online casino sites that provide user generated access codes.

Money security is another thing you will have to consider and always need to remember. This type of security is not really hard to get with legitimate online casinos as this is one of their guarantee to new and loyal players. They’re basically employing a tested money transfer methods to back up this guarantee. These tested money transfer methods include major credit cards and bank checks which allows an easier and much reliable way to transfer funds.

Reading and understanding the contract is also another way to ensuring that you are getting a good deal. By doing so, you will be exposed to a highly detailed contract indicating all the terms and conditions of use which only legitimate online casinos provide. It is also recommended to remember, if not all, a few of these terms and conditions as these can help you along the way. As to the checklist, casinos which don’t provide their terms and conditions or presenting it in an unprofessional/bogus manner should be escaped.

When all the legal concerns has been sorted out and you already have the list of prospect online casino sites that showcase high security, it is now time to compress your options. This time, let us add the look and feel factor as well as the game play, thus the gaming experience provided. Though highly optimized graphics are enticing and commands the player to play, it would also be nice if the casino games presented are highly direct and easy to use aside from the compelling graphics.

Of course, aside from the fun and excitement it brings, what’s the use of casinos if those don’t have payouts. Only consider those casinos with good payout schemes and have a wide variety of impressive bonuses. Be cautious though. Some sites are fraud offering dubious winnings for skimpy start ups. You’ll lose a lot of money than you want to earn when you are in them.

You can make use of online casino directories for an initial list of online casinos to consider. These provide legally accepted online casinos list that are done by experts and advanced players who have tried it themselves. Through this list you can also find reviews about the casinos with pros and cons to help you more and come up with a good decision. You may also want to learn players opinions promptly about your prospect casinos by asking them through forum threads. Remember to not take them as stated facts though but purely experience and opinion based.

Contemporary Views On The Art Of Past Centuries

We are used to the fact that extremely popular songs sooner or later become old-fashioned. Then people begin to make remixes, updating the original and giving it a new flavor to suit the new time – the same song but seen through a new perception. A similar trend can be seen in the art world, where contemporary artists produce their own take on the great masterpieces of past centuries. They create a new version that remains based on the original, yet reflects more closely the concerns of the modern world.

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By creating modern artworks which are based on earlier works, contemporary artists can trade on the fame of the originals, and at the same time challenge the inviolability of these masterpieces. In the process, of course, they turn public attention to their own art. Some works of art have more of this kind of attention than others – for example, the Mona Lisa has so many that there is no definite count – and in general this sort of secondary fame is good for the public image of the original, which reaffirms its place in the public consciousness through its use in contemporary versions Guns for sale Germany.

For example, Norman Rockwell’s image of “Rosie the Riveter,” a cultural icon that initially encouraged and later epitomized the work of women in industry during World War II, in fact pays homage to Michelangelo’s frescoed depiction of the prophet Isaiah from the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the Vatican. Rockwell’s “Isaiah” has been transformed into a strong woman ” Rosie ” eating her sandwich with a rivet gun on her lap and a copy of Hitler’s manifesto, Mein Kampf, underneath her boot.

“Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies,” a piece by the founder of French Impressionism, Claude Monet, was given a contemporary twist by controversial British graffiti artist and political activist Banksy. In his version, Banksy portrayed shopping trolleys and a traffic cone floating in his pond.

Adaptations of well-known classical artworks can also be used to advertize a particular message. In Germany, the Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders support organization reminded the public how beauty ideals have been changed (or perhaps distorted) nowadays. Three paintings by German artist Remus Grecu – “Nude lying on a sofa”, “The bather of Valpinon” and “Olympia” – were placed in the Stdel Museum in Frankfurt, accompanied by contemporary versions of paintings by Boucher. The campaign won a Bronze Media Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival 2009.

Creating a contemporary version of the art of past centuries shows that we respect traditional art, but we do not consider it as something eternal, untouchable, and remote. Instead, it is something that remains a living part of our lives and culture, and which can be used as part of a discussion going on today. This both animates the debate and gives new life to the old masterpieces, increasing awareness of them and making their continued relevance clear to a wider public than might have been reached by the original image itself.