The Myths and Truths About Online Paid Survey Sites

Of course, I think everyone by now knows that you are not going to get rich taking online paid surveys. On the other hand, they can make you a second income. Read on to find some very interesting truths and myths about online paid survey sites.

Myth 1- It is possible to become rich taking surveys! My aunt Judy did! I am sorry no, it is not and neither did anyone’s aunt Judy slot. Like I stated it is possible to make some money but you are not going to retire in the Bahamas with it.

Truth to counter myth 1-Yes you can earn enough to pay some bills, take the kids to dinner, buy those toys or even new clothes. Yes making a little sum of money with online paid surveys is very possible and even likely.

Myth 2 -Ways to cheat the system of surveys-Just choose any answer that lets you click fast throughout the survey the quicker you fill them out the more you can fill out and the more you make!

Truth to counter Myth 2- You may not realize this but the online surveys does in fact get checked by honest to goodness human beings and you can bet that they are looking for random answer patterns. The survey may pass the survey system but I seriously doubt it would pass the scrutiny of a trained evaluator.

Myth 3- Second-guessing your options you may think will surely help you get into more surveys hence earning more money. You see some sites pre qualify you by the hobbies and such that you picked for yourself. Some people will go in and change their hobbies just so that they can take a certain survey for more cash.

Truth to counter myth 3-The accounts is set up to keep track of changes made to it. Getting caught changing your information just so that you fit the profile to take a survey is it worth it to lose your account.

With all these truths and myths out there about online paid surveys, it is no wonder that so many are getting a bad rap. Just be careful in your selection!

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