Expressing Condolences With Flowers, Memorial Charities, and Sympathy Gifts

In the past, when a loved one or acquaintance died, the norm was to send flowers to the funeral home as an expression of respect for the deceased and to provide comfort for the survivors. In today’s world there are additional options available for honoring ของชำร่วยงานศพ the deceased. Donations to a charity and specialized sympathy gifts are alternatives. Which gift is most appropriate to give?

FLOWERS – The presence of flowers at funerals is an ancient ritual. However, in the 1950s, the phrase “in lieu of flowers” had begun to appear in over 14% of obituaries published. The “in lieu of flowers” phrase in obituaries has increased dramatically since that time, to the point where some florists have been forced to close their doors as fewer orders are made for funeral floral arrangements. This is an unfortunate development, as a tasteful display of flowers certainly has a role in providing a soothing and dignified atmosphere at a funeral. Florists are now promoting smaller “personalized” arrangements designed to reflect the character, hobbies or interests of the deceased. If the “in lieu of flowers” phrase is used in an obituary, a small floral arrangement sent to the home weeks after the funeral will be appreciated by the family of the deceased.

MEMORIAL CHARITY – Charities have been the direct beneficiary of the increased use of the “in lieu of flowers” verbiage used in obituary notices. The donation of a sum of money to a worthy cause certainly is a fine way to honor the memory of the departed. If this option is used, the giver should take a few moments to investigate the named charity. You should clarify with the organization if they are aware that the family of the deceased has requested donations for their cause and if a list of the donors will be made available to them.

SYMPATHY GIFTS – Perhaps the most versatile and long lasting option to help comfort the grieving family members would be an appropriate sympathy gift. Popular sympathy products include food baskets, garden memorial stones, promise crosses, keepsake boxes, angel figurines, and wind chimes. Ecommerce stores offer more choices than what could normally be found at your local store. Sympathy gifts can be given shortly after the funeral service or after an extended period of time to commemorate an anniversary or holiday.

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