What Are the MLM Basics For Marketing Online – Tip 4

This is the fourth in the series of MLM Basics For Marketing Online, and today we are looking into Autoresponders. If, like me a few months ago, you have not got the foggiest idea what an Autoresponder is, then it is pretty much what it says! It responds automatically to any requests you get for more information on your business. When you first start out online, and do not know the basics for marketing online, you may not think you need an autoresponder. But once you start to generate leads on a regular basis, you will not have enough time to send out regular emails to all your prospects.

You would expect to pay about £20 a month for a decent autoresponder. Much less than that and you would need to check them out fully to find out what you are being offered. You can also get some free autoresponders, but you will find your emails are more likely advertising them than your business.

An autoresponder is where you begin building your list. When someone enters their contact details into the form on your capture page or other website page, they are then on your ‘list’. You can then send them regular newsletters or information on your product superslot or business. This will be fully automatic and will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if someone from the other side of the world fills in their contact details whilst you are asleep, your autoresponder will immediately respond to them, making sure your business online never closes!

If you have good copywriting skills, you can write your own emails. Otherwise your autoresponder will probably give you some templates or help with constructing some. If you have signed up with a system such as LeadSystemPro, as I have, you will have ready made emails which you will install into your autoresponder when you set up your system. This will save your alot of time and effort. You can, of course, personalise these emails yourself if you want to.

You can also send out extra ‘broadcasts’ whenever you want from your autoresponder. If you have some new information that comes to light which you want your list to know about, or you want to give them details of a webinar that is coming up, these broadcasts can be very useful. It is very simple to do, once you have done a broadcast once or twice. Some autoresponders also offer you the actual opt-in forms for you to put on your webpages.

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