Passover Saga – Myth Or History? (18) 2000AD UCLA Study Group – Science Vs Bible, Wrap-Up

“Well,” said Professor Barrett, “We have examined the scientific, archaeological evidence of an Hebraic, Semitic people who lived in Egypt, the Goshen area, in ancient times; also that similar people, centuries later, conquered cities in Canaan; and there is much proof that the Hebrew Kings: Saul, David and Solomon did exist – therefore, in between, these Hebrews had to have exited Egypt, somehow and sometime.” He paused, “Thus, there seemingly, is solid, corroborative evidence of the beginning and end to the Exodus story. Science and knowledge also, in just the past decade, have uncovered hard, artifact and iconoclastic evidence of Egyptian chariot wreckage in the Gulf of Aqaba; also, we see an amazing cleft stone boulder; and a Mount Sinai – so many details that validate the Bible story. What is interesting, as challenges to theology, is that we have not come upon any real conflicts. However, we have no clue about the “miracle” food ‘manna’ by which the Hebrews were supposedly sustained for forty years of roaming the desert wilderness; nor do we know if alkaline water can really be sweetened by the bark or sap from a tree.”

“Before a final wrap-up -” Lawrence was raising his hand, “- I’ve run into something that tends to lend scientific credence to the Exodus story in general.” He paused, “In his book, ‘The Mountain of Moses’, Larry Williams says he hired a scientific research company to analyze areal photos of the Sinai Peninsula and the Gulf of Aqaba, taken by a French satellite. The procedure was a military development, now employed in all archaeological research of Earth surfaces – it discriminates subtle differences in heat patterns using special filters on photographic negatives. The analysis reported a clear trail, estimated as being thousands of years old, going to the seashore, and resuming on the other side of the Gulf of Aqaba. The trail discloses numerous large campsites, continues 먹튀검증 parallel to the Gulf and then inland to Mt. Jabal Al Laws, with an extremely large campsite nearby. The same analyses for the accepted and traditional sites for Mt. Sinai in the Sinai peninsula show much smaller trails, and are only a few centuries old with few campsites.”

“And so,” the professor looked at each of his students, “this has been quite a journey for us this past, extremely interesting year – very enjoyable, and we all learned quite a lot about ancient peoples and Egypt. There would be no surprise to me if the number of items which corroborated the Bible narrative by artifacts and archaeological discoveries – comes close to a hundred*. Therefore, how about an average of our personal estimates?” The professor paused. “What percentage of all the biblical stories – even what seem to be miracles, anecdotes, or what-have-you – do we think have been validated with pretty solid 21st century reality? How about a show of hands for 50% or over?” All raised their hands and kept them up; “60% or over?” – the hands remained up. The final score was one at 70-80%, four including the professor, at 80-90%; two, at over 90% – the average 86%.

“Just think” said Bethe, “if we could come upon some writings of a Hebrew who lived through that Exodus period, describing the events – as we have the Amarna letter by the widow of Pharaoh, and the Ipuwer papyrus scroll, and the Egyptian chroniclers Manetho and Cheremon – and with our 21st century verification keeping pace. Now, wouldn’t that have been interesting?”

*In fact, 107 separate confirming discoveries are cited herein – each of the following numerous items is given only a single count: the total of all the coral-covered chariot wheels; the total of all the skeletal bones of horses and men; the Ipuwer scroll describing many of the Ten Plagues; the Brooklyn Papyrus with about fifty Semitic names of slaves, Amarna letters containing many biblical names; stela listing numerous ancient Hebrew cities, etc.

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Making Use of Pharmacy Reviews

An online drugstore is a convenient option for those who need to refill prescriptions but don’t have the time to take a trip to a pharmacy. However, there are times when pharmacy sites turn out to be fraudulent or illegal. Consumers must take measures to protect themselves from these sorts of websites. There are a number of things that a prospective buyer should look into before making a purchase, such as reviews of the site and operating licenses.

Pharmacy reviews are useful because they can give a consumer a good overview of the quality of an online drugstore. A good review will not only note a site’s products, but also several crucial details. These can include the price range of the medications available, the ease of navigation on the site, and the presence of any security assurances, like a privacy policy. Some reviews are comprehensive enough to contain information about the delivery time, the physical state of the product upon arrival, and even the quality of the customer service.

However, pharmacy reviews are not the only source of reliable, accurate information. Those who buy medication 먹튀검증 online can have radically different experiences, so such reviews can conflict. While there is some truth in these reviews, they may confuse some people. In these cases, there are other details that a consumer should confirm.

One detail is whether the online drugstore has a license to operate. When such sites are based in either the United States or Canada, there will always be some local government authority that grants them a license to do business. In the U.S., it is the state government, while it is the provincial government in Canada. Unlike pharmacy reviews, these licenses do not show how well the site does what it claims to do, but they do show that it is a legitimate site that has undergone review by the government. It also means that the internet pharmacy can be held accountable by the Food and Drug Administration in case it sells fraudulent or controlled substances. This ensures that consumers are protected from these products.

A legitimate online drugstore also prominently displays one or more seals from a number of major verification authorities. These do not show which the best online pharmacy is, but they do indicate ones that adhere to certain standards imposed by industry members. These include seals from IMPAC, CIPA, VIPPS, MIPA, and the NCPA. There are pharmacies that display these seals without having undergone accreditation, but their status can be checked by consulting the records of the regulating bodies. Pharmacy reviews may also have information regarding the legitimacy of such sites.

Finally, any legitimate internet pharmacy in the United States requires that a buyer surrender evidence of a prescription before purchase. In some cases, an authentic site also requires the doctor’s contact information to verify details before an order can be completed.

Online drugstore reviews are very helpful in giving customers a good look at what is available out there and which online pharmacy provides the best service on top of the medications that it sells. The best online pharmacy reviews can lead you to very good places to buy medication online.

Over-The-Counter Diet Pills – Does it Work For You?

There are two kinds of chemical-based weight loss supplements on the market today. The first type is prescription medicines that are aimed in trimming fat intake and cutting appetite. These medicines are prescribed by doctors for cases of morbid obesity and related medical conditions.

The second type of weight control pills fall under the category of OTC or over the counter diet pills. Now, even the best diet pills and prescription weight-control medicines are not exactly alike. For one, even the best diet pills are still different from the array of medicines prescribed by a hospital to remedy morbid obesity.

On Diet Pills And Herbal Diet Pills

Diet pills and herbal diet pills are often categorized under “food supplements” by health authorities around the world. The reason for this is that these serve primarily as support systems for diet programs.

Even the best diet pills cannot shoulder the complete task of reducing all the weight that needs to be shed off. The robustness of the cardiovascular system for example, cannot be assured by the best diet pills in the world. Such considerations need to be directly faced by the individuals engaged in weight loss themselves.

Recent Victories

Orlistat, with the popular brand name Xenical has reached its OTC or over the counter status just recently, in 2007. This spelled relief for millions of people desperate for lose weight, as well as tired but smiling doctors.

The chemical compound Orlistat has been proven safe for use for nearly everyone. Orlistat is now being marketed under several brand names today, and Xenical no longer has monopoly of the market.

How It Works?

Basically, Orlistat functions as a lipid molecule binder. The chemical compound binds to dietary fats and helps expel the fats. More than a third of the dietary fat that is ingested can be expelled by the Orlistat.

What This Means?

It might sound spectacular on paper, but let us lay out some basic consequences for a person taking Orlistat. For Sonus Complete one, the more dietary fat one ingests, the more times one has to regularly eliminate.

That translates to more visits to the bathroom in a day. Nonetheless, this would be a small sacrifice for permanent weight loss in the long term.

What does ‘long term’ mean for any weight loss program or plan? ‘Long term’ means at least twelve months. Permanent weight loss will only take place if the person no longer needs guidance in his weigh loss program. This will only take place when good eating habits and proper nutrition has been achieved. This means little or no animal proteins, and more greens.

Even water consumption needs to be increased, as water increases the metabolism of the body. Regular exercising is also part of the long-term goals of weight loss. Bodybuilding, gym-going, running and walking when done regularly can all contribute to long-term goals in losing extra weight. Developing a regular exercise is key also to improving the resistance to cardiovascular anomalies and cancer.